Color Me Rad Sacramento 5K

On Memorial Day, my sister and I participated in the Color Me Rad 5K run in Sacramento. It was a blast!

We arrived to find the party had already started: a DJ was jamming some awesome tunes, runners were doing Zumba moves to warm up, and people in white t-shirts and neon-colored Raybans were walking around everywhere. 

We pinned on our race numbers and quickly decided we had to join our fellow runners in donning a RAD tattoo :)

I have to say, I felt pretty badass adding that to my collection of tattoos. Once we were pumped up and ready to go, we headed over to the starting line. 

Fortunately for us, a generous girl who was running by herself decided to share her packet of color with us, so I started out the race covered in bright pink.

A little over three miles of running later, we were stoked to have finished the race. It was awesome sharing the experience with other runners and watching the crazy antics of people getting color bombed by handfuls of starchy powder. Plus, by the end of everything, we were a rainbow of color: we'd been soaked in liquid and then doused with the cornstarch powder multiple times. 

My favorite part was at the very end, when a crowd of runners who had finished the race gathered near the DJ booth. Cued by his countdown, we all threw our last color bomb packets into the air at the same time, and the air was filled with a haze of color.

It felt so invigorating and exciting to be a part of such a fun event, and to contribute to several great causes -- the Special Olympics, and a relief fund for Boston. Every step of the way, I felt so fully present to the moment, fully conscious and alive.

I'm so grateful to have a body that lets me run when I want to and a beautiful a sister I can share silly experiences with. Cheers!

Yoga for Boston

Photo by Cara Brostrom.

This weekend I am dedicating my yoga practice to Boston. I've only visited the city once, last summer, and I absolutely loved it. My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by the tragic events this week.

My intention is that every effort I make on the mat would go toward your benefit.

To all those suffering, may you find peace.

To all those who have experienced grief and loss, may you be uplifted by those around you.

May there be healing, renewal and courage for all who have been affected by the violence.

Even in great despair, we have a chance to love each other and support each other. May we stand strong together and remember who we are as humans, deep down. 

A heartfelt namaste.

Photo by Cara Brostrom.

Encourage Your Fellow Yogis

Photos via Pinterest.

I am learning a lot from running lately. Have you ever found yourself amazed at how your yoga practice translates into other disciplines?

The other day I was in the middle of a three-mile run, feeling a little tired.

Another runner, a guy much faster than me, passed me with a friendly, "Hello!" He raced on ahead, and I suddenly found myself inspired to go a little faster. I picked up on this fellow runner's energy, and it motivated me.

Later in the run, a passing bicyclist said, "Good job!" as he went by me in the opposite direction. 

I was amazed at how much a difference it made to have this little bit of encouragement from a total stranger.

Often when we come to yoga class, we're there for a personal experience. But the reality is, we're sharing our practice with other yogis, even if we never speak a word to each other. We're engaging in heartfelt community. Our positive energy can bring light to others.

My little reminder to you today is to encourage your fellow yogis while you're in class. Do it outside of yoga, too: whether you're participating in another sport, or simply respecting those around you in your everyday encounters, you're making a difference.

Truly, this is the meaning of namaste.

Sweaty Betty Mid-Season Sale

Photos via Sweaty Betty.

Starting tomorrow, Sweaty Betty is launching their mid-season sale. Some of their best sellers will be featured with savings up to 50% off.


Check out some of their featured sale products, which include sports bras, yoga tees, outerwear, dresses, yoga pants and more.


Their sales will be expiring on 3/25/13, so get shopping, yogis!


Training for a 5K Run

Exciting news, readers! I never thought I'd say this, but... I'm training for a half-marathon! My siblings and I started running about three weeks ago, and it's been awesome to track my progress so far.

I'm currently running 3-4 miles five times a week and planning to work up to 13.1 miles in a 12-week period. I'll start by running the Color Me Rad 5K in May, and hope to do a half-marathon this summer.

Photo via Ash and Diz.

In my running so far, I've learned a few very important things.
  • Hydrate! If you drink enough water, you'll feel amazingly better throughout the workout.
  • Keep good posture: chin up, upper body tilted a little forward so your weight is more on the balls of your feet than your heels, and don't let your torso rotate too much from side to side.
  • If you need a boost to run a little faster, swing your arms more and your feet will follow.
  • Support your feet and invest in a good pair of shoes and socks that wick away moisture.
  • Give yourself permission to take it slow in the beginning. As you improve your cardio and breathing, you'll be amazed at your progress. In just two and a half weeks, I've noticed a huge improvement!

I couldn't be more excited to be getting in shape, tracking my progress, and experiencing the joy of beginner's mind. Running still feels new and exciting, and there's nothing better than feeling the endorphin high after a run is complete!

Do you run? Do you do other sports with your yoga? I'd love to hear!