I believe that when we are quiet, we begin to see everything with love.

I’m a vinyasa yoga teacher and blogger from northern California and I created Alive in the Fire as a space to share my passions for yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and compassion.

I hope the site brings a little bit of calm your way, and I’m grateful that you’re here.

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

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Alive in the Fire’s Sponsored Yogis Program

Sponsored Yogis is a seva project where I spend a year connecting with several yogis around the country with the goal of helping them deepen their personal practice. I love this project and have found it has a profound impact on the lives of the yogis involved, as well as on my life.

Through Sponsored Yogis, we lift each other up and encourage each other to grow stronger.

Stay tuned for an upcoming summer 2017 Instagram challenge hosted by me, Kelsie and Yani!

Want to learn more or get involved?