Wisdom from Suffering

This post is dedicated to any readers who are experiencing suffering, loss, or difficulty at this time. My heart goes out to you. 

Know that you are not alone. Namaste.

A practice that can lay the groundwork for drawing wisdom from our own sufferings is to be present to other people’s suffering. To witness. To see how many are the ways people dealing with suffering. To learn how suffering can elicit creativity or deepen hope or resilience or understanding. 

Some people recoil from others’ suffering—don’t like to visit hospitals, don’t know what to say, wish they were somewhere else, or could just send flowers. 

But a willingness to show up, even in our uncertainty about how to behave, may not only be a gift, it may help us learn to enter the places of darkness with confidence and trust, not needing to know how, or to predict outcomes, but to be fully present to whatever the moment calls for.
-Marilyn Chandler McEnryre

Support Me in Yoga Teacher Training

Readers in the NYC area, I need your help! I'm gearing up for yoga teacher training with Dharma in February next year and I need to secure housing. 

I'll be there February 22 through March 3, 2013. Do you live in the Chelsea area or know of someone who does?

Or, would you consider supporting me financially? The cost of tuition, travel, books and room and board is expensive. If you're so inclined, please consider clicking the donate button below to help me on my journey toward sharing yoga.


Even if you simply donate $5, this helps me immensely. If you can't donate money, consider praying for me. Send positive energy my way. I appreciate your help.

A very heartfelt namaste!


Photo via MyMorningCoffee.

Patience is a long and winding road, don't you think?

Lately I've been trying to be patient with myself, but I find it's hard. I'm searching for new job opportunities and finding it takes more time than I expected. I'm also trying to giving myself space and time to heal from past hurt, and to be open to letting things happen as they are.

What helps when you need extra patience?

Holiday Spirit

Photos in this post via Maddie on Things, Tara Thayer and Gemma Correll.

Can you believe it's nearly December?

My head spins every time I think of it. Feels like just yesterday we were wrapping up summer...

This year, my goal for the holidays is to be fully present. Whether I'm with family or on my own, I want to be able to say I was deeply aware of both my inner and outer experience of the moment.

I also want to practice giving love away freely. That, to me, is the true heart of having holiday spirit.

And if it continues to be this cold out, maybe I'll just hibernate a bit :)

Thanksgiving Blogging Break

I am heading north to Minnesota to be with family for the holiday this week. I'm so grateful for the chance to spend more time in nature, to be able to catch up with all the cousins and grandparents, and to give hugs all around.

It will be fun going for walks around the farm, eating amazing food and drinking lots of coffee, and playing games together. I'll be taking a little break from the blog this week and I'm looking forward to unplugging for a bit. I hope you enjoy a peaceful, restful week.

What are you grateful for this holiday?

PS A few Thanksgivings ago, I brought my cousin and her friend to their first Bikram class.
PPS Check out photos from a few years ago. What a turkey, eh?!

Humbly (Help a Soon-to-Be Yoga Teacher!)

My yoga journey has led me out of anxiety and depression. It's helped me see myself as a beautiful, whole person. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to study with Dharma Mittra in New York City next year and to have the chance to share yoga with others in hopes that it will help them.

I could really use your help in my yoga journey. Would you consider making a donation to help me cover the cost of tuition, travel, books and room and board for teacher training?


Or, if you live in the New York City area or know of someone who does, would you consider letting me stay with you during the 10-day intensive? I'll be there February 22 through March 3, 2013.

Even if you simply donate $5, this helps me immensely. If you can't donate money, consider praying for me. Send positive energy my way. I appreciate your help.

A grateful-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart namaste!

Wild Yoga Wear

We all get tired of plain, boring black yoga pants. Personally, I'm a fan of bright colors and fun patterns. I couldn't have been more excited to wear my wild print and tye-dye pants and tee from CoutureTeeDotCom to class recently.

I got several compliments on the fun dream catcher and lotus flower designs.

Best of all, these pants are comfortable and provide great coverage around the waist area (the band there is adjustable, so you can fold it down if you like). 

I love that the shirt is stylish enough to wear out for dinner with friends or a date, too!

I highly recommend you guys check out CoutureTeeDotCom for stylish designs and great holiday gift ideas.

Square 36 Yoga Mat Giveaway

Are you a yoga teacher that does one-on-one sessions with clients in their homes? Or do you enjoy practicing partner yoga regularly with a friend or spouse?

Today I'm featuring a yoga mat giveaway that you'll love. Check out Square 36, an oversized yoga mat that's 6 feet x 6 feet!

In case you missed it, a while back I reviewed the Square 36 mat and gave it high remarks all around. The mat is comfortable, strong, durable and made with high-quality, non-toxic materials. I highly recommend it and love using mine.

You can use the mat to transform a room into an instant high-quality workout area, whether you're practicing yoga, dancing, doing calisthenics, lifting weights, or doing other at-home workouts.

To enter, please visit Square36.com and leave a comment below detailing why you'd love to win one. And, if you'd like to order a mat of your own, you can get free shipping by entering the code "Aliveinthefire" at checkout (a $24.95 value).



Photo via Pinterest.

Generating a sense of playfulness with your love can revitalize your relationship. Don't be afraid to ask silly questions, or tickle, or spend time laughing over the smallest things.

Leave a little love note on the counter before you leave for the day. Surprise your love with flowers or an unexpected kiss.

Generate playfulness with your yoga, too. It can transform your outlook on the challenging postures, and your overall experience of walking through life.

Advice on Advanced Postures

Photos via Pinterest.

I got a very wise piece of advice from a senior teacher about what to do if you're struggling with a difficult posture. Next time you see someone doing it, say to yourself, "That's me in the pose."

Imagine, instead of distancing yourself from the teacher as if he or she were capable of one thing and you were not, that you are that teacher. The body you see in the pose is your own.

This will help you internalize the pose before you even realize it. Genius, eh?