Rest and Rejuvenation (Yogi Surprise January Box Review)


Lately I’ve been pondering the importance of rest. Life gets so busy, and I know I spend more time than I’d like to running around, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of plans I have on my calendar.

What would your life look like if you practiced slowness, being present, and giving yourself time to relax on a daily basis?

We can choose to do this at any time, by noticing what’s going on around us, savoring the moment. Focusing on the breath. Pausing to feel grateful. Clearing time to just be instead of do.

And, of course, it helps to plan little retreat days! What’s your favorite way to get a little extra R&R?

Maybe you enjoy hot baths, aromatherapy, and massage. Or maybe you take a weekly hot yoga class and enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends afterward. Writing… meditation… a long walk… a gourmet meal. All of these things help us to rejuvenate.

This month, the Yogi Surprise box is themed around rejuvenation. This is such a powerful practice to engage in. When we neglect ourselves, we miss out on the beauty of the present moment and our ability to fully appreciate it. For me, rejuvenation helps me to fully enjoy good health, peaceful relationships, and contentment in all areas of life. It is a key to happiness!

My favorite products from this month’s box are the palo santo incense sticks and yummy snacks (Betsy’s best bar and chocolate-covered cherries). I’ve been keeping the palo santo in my car, and I love the calming, earthy scent. Each time I get in my car now, I think, ‘Mmmmm,’ and take a big, deep breath. It’s a feeling of being ‘home,’ if you know what I mean. Relaxed and comfortable.

The snacks were perfect for on-the-go energy. I tried the Betsy’s bar as soon as I opened the box, actually. It had been a long day at work and I got home after teaching yoga and was exhausted and so hungry (borderline hangry!). I saw that the bar had 10 grams of protein and thought, ‘Perfect!’ It was the ideal snack to enjoy while cooking myself dinner. As for the chocolate-covered cherries, they are a lovely indulgent treat for any time I’m feeling the need for a pick-me-up. They’re a great reminder of summer, too, and how much I can’t wait for long, sunny days.

If you haven’t checked out Yogi Surprise yet, I highly recommend cruising over to their website. They post great information and inspirational content on their blog, plus every month they offer their customers the chance to enter in a giveaway for a yoga retreat. 

Use the code 'LOVEYOURSELF' to get 20% off your order!

I love getting the boxes each month because they are a great reminder to slow down and take time for just me.

Namaste, yogis. Here’s wishing you a rejuvenating rest of January 2015!

Smile through the Holidays (Inspiration from Yogi Surprise)

This month’s Yogi Surprise box is themed GRATITUDE. A perfect theme for this time of year!

As the holidays approach (Thanksgiving is next week – um, what?!), now is a great time to remind yourself to be grateful for the abundance in life, and to take gentle care of yourself.

Photo via Yogi Surprise.

I know in past years I've fallen into the whirlwind of the holidays, which can lead to thinking I should do as much as possible, spend more money, eat comfort food, and even sacrifice the practices that keep me grounded, like getting to my mat, and spending quiet time alone.

I’m grateful that the November Yogi Surprise box arrived just in time, full of all sorts of goodies to remind me to put my health and sanity first! And when things feel like they are spinning out of control, it always helps me to take a few moments and make a list of things I’m grateful for.

My two absolute favorite products from the box are these:

Hurraw lip balm in vata… it smells like cardamom and rose! And has the most luscious texture. Mmmm. I’m totally going to be buying more of these, maybe for stocking stuffers this year! What's awesome is that the brand carries other flavors for the other Ayurvedic doshas, too, in case you're pitta or kapha.

Coconut lavender flavored almonds. Genius flavor combo, and so delicious!

Of course, I was also ecstatic about the other products in the box, including a citrus-scented body mist (great for lifting your mood!), green tea mints, refreshing facial towlettes, chakra oil, natural deodorant (cedarwood and juniper is my new favorite underarm scent!), a cacao-flavored granola bar, and sea salts for the bath. I honestly felt like I was treating myself to a spa retreat day just opening the box!

Thank you, Yogi Surprise, for the wonderful brands you share… I can’t wait to pamper myself all month with this one!
 PS In case you missed it, here’s my review of the October Yogi Surprise box.

Yogi Surprise Launched (and You Can Win a Retreat to Costa Rica!)

Photos via Yogi Surprise.

A little while ago I posted about Yogi Surprise, my favorite new resource for yoga goodies. The company has now officially launched! I can’t wait to try out their monthly care package designed for yogis - like a retreat in box. 

Yogi Surprise is offering 20% off for the first 500 members. Go here: and use the code “VIBRANT.” 

It’s rare you find a company whose values are based around health, connection, and joy… and it’s even more rare you find one that is giving away YOGA RETREAT GIVEAWAYS! The first one is for Costa Rica… and I hope you all go sign up :)


PS Yogi Surprise also has an awesome blog with inspiration for living life to the fullest.

My Favorite Yoga Retreat Resource

Photos via Book Yoga Retreats.

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat?

I have always dreamed of going on one. There's something so alluring about the thought of doing yoga in a beautiful, faraway place. I can picture myself waking up to the gorgeous countryside of Spain or Thailand, spending simple, relaxed days that involve only yoga, meditation, delicious food, and a little sightseeing. 

I've done a few silent retreats locally, and I've always wanted to go somewhere exotic for a retreat.

I recently discovered an awesome resource for yogis interested in traveling abroad for a retreat and/or completing an international yoga teacher training program. It's a site called, and I encourage you to check it out. is a travel website where people can book yoga retreats and courses all over the world. The site features around 100 yoga vacations and programs, all ranging from upscale resorts to humble homestays and ashrams. What's great is that the site doesn't charge registration or service fees, either.

Are you thinking about doing a retreat, but don't know where to start? is your new best friend.

The site is easy to navigate and allows you to search retreats based on categories such as yoga style and destination. 

Happy travels, my lovely yogis!

Tortola Yoga Retreat

Wouldn't it be lovely to spend a week in sunny Tortola for a yoga retreat?

The open sky, the bright water, the fresh air... gorgeous.

Photo via Pinterest.

Right around this time of year is when I wish I could afford to be somewhere tropical, laying out my mat at the end of a dock and getting ready to soak in the sun as I practice.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats: October Yoga & Creative Photography Retreat

Photos via Pinterest. 

Open sky. Free space. Room to breathe.

Do you crave adventure? Looking for a creative respite this fall?

Check out Big Sky Yoga Retreats. A spot where you can roll out your mat, explore your creative side behind the camera lens, and get to know other peace-seeking yogis.

See you in Montana: October 11-14, 2012. We'll take some photographs and practice our yoga. We will clear the space we need to be free.


Cowgirl Yoga Retreat

If you're into open sky country, this is the retreat of a lifetime! Big Sky Yoga offers retreats in Bozeman, Montana that involve hiking, horseback riding, health and wellness seminars, meditation, and yoga classes (a blend of Vinyasa, Ashtanga and restorative postures). 

They even do a special program for women who have battled breast cancer, and this year 8 scholarship recipients will participate in the healing and rejuvenating retreat. How cool is that?!

Have you ever been on a yoga retreat?