Three Deep Breaths

Alive in the Fire_Fit Rebel (2).jpg

Come sit with me.

Take off your coat. Take off your shoes.

Notice how your body feels.

Alive in the Fire_Fit Rebel (4).jpg

Relaxing your forehead, relaxing your jaw, take a full breath.

Feel the air come in through your nose, into your throat, your chest, your belly.

Feel the expansive quality of this breath. Allow the moment to be exactly as it is.

Alive in the Fire_Fit Rebel (6).jpg

And then, release. Empty out the breath.

Notice the quiet, restful quality. Pause in the silence at the bottom of your breath.

Feel what it’s like to be empty. As though you are floating. Empty of breath, fully trusting your body.

And then try this again, a few more times. Breathe. Sit with your body and your breath and feel what it’s like to be here.

You don’t have to change anything. You don’t have to rush off anywhere. Stay a moment, just breathing.

Photos by Brandon Johnson.