Why Do You Practice Yoga?

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Take a moment to check in.

Take a deep breath into your belly. Fill up.

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Now is always a good time to reflect.

Why do you practice?

What is this yoga practice about for you?

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I am grounded, resolute, aware.

I can feel my body.

My thoughts are clearer, my emotions move through me with ease.

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I know myself. I know my body, its delicate rhythms, its desires.

I am aware of pain, of discomfort, and I have a sense of what it ties to. How to release it.

I sense my own strength. I step into my own power.

My practice energizes me and gives me stamina for every other area of my life.

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Yoga connects me to others who lift me up, who see me, who appreciate me.

Yoga helps me see the good in others, and to trust others fully.

Yoga allows me to be vulnerable, to let others in.

My practice allows me to see myself in a new light. To sense my own goodness. To treat myself with kindness, respect and love.

Yoga teaches me to take care of myself, and to fall in love with the person I am becoming, again and again.


My practice is constantly shifting and evolving. Today, it's about these things. Tomorrow, it may change.

What is your yoga practice about? What does it bring to you?

Photos by Christina Scellato, taken in 2017 at Chico State.