Dreamy Yoga

Alive in the Fire_Yellow Willow.png

Let your yoga practice take on a dreamy quality.

Move in a nourishing, revitalizing, ethereal way.

This is a practice of trusting yourself. Of feeling everything.

Alive in the Fire_Dreamy 2.jpg

I'm constantly amazed by the wisdom the body provides.

The way yoga poses can help me calm my mind, and generate creativity.

It feels good to surround myself with colors and sounds that make me feel peaceful when I practice. The simplest texture and pattern of a yoga mat, or the wild, bright pattern of leggings, or the scent of a candle... it all contributes to this dreamy, beautiful feeling in my practice.

Alive in the Fire_Dream.jpg

Today, I invite you to let some intuitive movement into your life.

Roll out your mat. Dream. Move.

The possibilities are endless. 

Violet yoga mat in this post by Yellow Willow, whose generosity continues to inspire me.