Yoga Poses & Mantras to Help You Feel Grounded

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I'll be honest, friends. I've been slacking on my yoga practice lately. And my blogging, obviously! ;)

I realized what I need most from my practice right now is to feel grounded. To feel present, to notice my breath. To feel my physical body.

Here are 8 of my favorite yoga poses for getting grounded, plus a mantra to go along with each one. If you're in need of some grounding, try one of these. Stay in the pose for ten slow, deep breaths and recite the mantra, either aloud or silently to yourself.

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Easy pose (seated) or lotus pose. 

Mantra: Here I am.

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Yogic squat, malasana pose. 

Mantra: The earth supports me. I have landed here for a reason. I release all negative energy through the soles of my feet.

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Forward fold (can be done standing or seated).

Mantra: I draw inward. I know myself.

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Reclining bound angle pose (supta baddha konasana).

Mantra: I allow this moment.

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Reclined twist.

Mantra: I accept the unknown.

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Bridge pose.

Mantra: I am connected to my inner purpose.

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Low lunge.

Mantra: I open my heart.

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Mantra: I trust my inner knowing.


Here's to feeling grounded, peaceful, and present. Hope these poses help you find a little more calm this week!

Photos (1, 4, 12, 14) by Angelo Hilton. Photo (2) by Felipe Silva. Photos (3 and 6) by Brock Scott. Photos (5 and 7) by Christina Scellato. Photos (8, 9 and 11) by Brynna Bryant of Respiro Photography. Photo (10) by Sequoia Cipes. Photo (12) by Stephanie Sheveland. Photo (13) by Kate Donaldson.