Yoga in Berlin

yoga in berlin.png

As most of you already know, I'm collaborating with some incredible yogis from Berlin on the upcoming spring 2019 Berlin Yoga Conference.

Lately I've been loving all things Berlin! ;)

I recently stumbled across an incredible video created by Finnish producer, photographer and filmmaker Ilsa Hellman. It features a yoga teacher, Katri Aalto, practicing yoga in Berlin's underground. I love the juxtaposition between the calm, steady energy of the yoga poses against the backdrop of the fast-moving trains and crowds.

This video is all about finding peace no matter where you are, no matter who is watching.

It captures the essence of what it means to live alive in the fire and that's why I could resist sharing it with you. Enjoy! :)

More from Ilsa about the video:


yoga - katri aalto
film - ilsa hellman
music - mika vainio - stratostaatti from 'olento' 2013 (reissue)

Yogabahn is an improvised collaboration of a videographer and a yogi in the nocturnal U-bahn, capturing human movement against the dynamic urban aesthetics of Berlin.

Video was inspired by the first Berlin impressions of Finnish cinematography student Ilsa Hellman, just two weeks after her arrival to the cosmopolitan from a smaller European capital Helsinki (Finland). Yogabahn brings together the strong cut architectural geometrics of Rümmler's U7-stations, the taste of urban pressure - meditating on the challenge of creating your balance in the ever-shifting urban surroundings.

The intense soundscape is a creation of recently deceased, internationally celebrated Finnish experimental electronic music artist Mika Vainio (also known from Pan Sonic, Ø, Philus and his collaborations with Suicide's Alan Vega).

A big thank you to Ilsa for her willingness to share her beautiful artwork through my blog! It's so inspiring to connect with artists and yogis around the world and I'm feeling very grateful from my little corner of northern California.

If you'd like to learn more about the Berlin Yoga Conference, please send me a note! (aliveinthefire at gmail dot com) I'd love to share a coupon for discounted tickets with you, or connect you with teachers and leaders from the event. Namaste.