3 Tips for New Vinyasa Yoga Teachers

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Whenever I speak with brand new yoga teachers who have just graduated their yoga teacher training, I tend to pick up on two things: their passion, and their fear.

A new yoga teacher is beautifully excited to begin teaching… and they also have a hint of nervousness. A part of them that wonders, will I be able to pull this off? Am I ready for this?

Well, let me confirm it for you: yes. Yes, you are ready. Yes, you can do this. And you will!

And with that, I offer you three small pieces of advice. Go do the damn thing! ;)

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3 Tips for New Vinyasa Yoga Teachers

  1. You’ll find your rhythm. Trust. Give it time.

  2. Stay positive. Stay grounded. Breathe deeply before every class you teach. Feel your feet on the ground and vibrate the mantra, I belong here. Any time you find your thoughts wandering to a place of self doubt, come back to your breath. We need you here.

  3. See the students. They will teach you exactly what you need to know, what you need to focus on, and how you can grow. Notice their bodies, notice what they say before and after class, notice how their energy is. Ask questions. See them when you teach. Really see them. They will show you the way.

Keep it up! You’ve got this. ;)


PS: Memorizing a yoga flow and finding your rhythm as a yoga teacher.

PS I’ve recently released two e-books that can help you find your groove as a teacher.

Photos by Jobi Otso.