Ways You Can Stay Safe at the Gym

Going to the gym is harder than we ever want it to be. You have to get up early in the morning, get dressed, maybe get some kind of simple snack and drive or cycle to it. It's dark, the sun may not have even come up and it feels like you’re the only one up at this time of the morning. But, you have to put your effort in and get to a stage where you feel physically and mentally healthier. Losing concentration is easily done if you’re working out in the early morning. You’re still yawning, you’re eyes are weary and you’re trying to not give in to the pain you’re putting yourself through. It's a battle that you have to win because it's so easy to hurt yourself in a gym. There are heavy weights, machines and sometimes slippery surfaces in the public workout spaces. So here’s how you can stay a little safer the next time you reluctantly drag yourself to the gym.

Powder or gloves

If you’re trying to gain some mass, tone or strength, then weight training is what you will be doing. This means you’ll be grabbing heavy dumbbells and barbells. These are usually made out of a hard iron or steel and they surfaces where you grip them is checkered. This design is carved into the metal, which also then digs into your palms. The repeated actions of lifting over and over again, can cause calluses and even ripping of the top layers of skin. Bruising and even bleeding are common if your hand is not used to doing this. Clearly, this is dangerous as this can cause a weight to drop out of your hand due to the pain and potentially land on your feet, crushing bones. So, next time you go to the gym bring some chalk powder or wear weight lifting gloves. The powder will create a soft shield and absorb sweat, and the gloves will do this even better. 

Watch your step

Gyms are full of machines that are themselves hazardous. On top of this you have other people walking around and some of them don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Their actions can potentially be a danger to you. Be wary of who is around you and what they are doing. You don’t really want to be standing next to someone who is doing the shoulder press and using a weight far too heavy for themselves. However you must also watch out for how the gym you go to is run. Some of the worst gyms look like a hurricane blew through them. Liquids should not be left spilled on the floor, especially not when you’re lifting weights. This can cause a personal injury the type that Hupy & Abraham injury lawyers are known to resolve. They build up cases of negligence which cause slip and fall injuries. Landing on your tailbone or wrist can cause the bones to break, crossing any near-future gym workouts out.

It's hard enough conjuring up the motivation to go to the gym. So make life easier and safer for yourself by watching your step and using some kind of hand protection for lifting.

Any other tips for staying safe while working out at the gym?