A Yoga Prop for Inversions

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Have you guys heard of the FeetUp trainer?

It’s a nifty little yoga prop that helps with inversions.

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Before trying FeetUp, I’d seen how awesome it is for helping with inversions like headstand. You rest your shoulders on the padded base of the prop and can then lift your legs overhead without putting any pressure on your neck or spine.


Alive in the Fire_FeetUp Trainer (3).jpg

After building this little beauty, I was happily surprised to realize you can use it for a bunch of other poses, too!

FeetUp includes an amazing poster when they send you the trainer, so you can refer to the many ways to use it.

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The FeetUp trainer is versatile and allows you to invert, stretch, and incorporate an element of play into your yoga practice. My other favorite part? It’s super easy to put together and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

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The product is made with quality materials and is very stable. And the brand’s website offers a ton of awesome ways to use the FeetUp trainer, plus Frequently Asked Questions if you’re curious to learn more about how it works.

My only caution? If you have high blood pressure or any sensitivity to vertigo, skip this one.

I was surprised that the sensation of using this prop felt quite different than a regular headstand where my head is on the ground. I feel like I get more of a “head rush” sensation using the prop. This was a little disorienting at first but has lessened the more I use it.

Just another lesson in going slow and listening to your body when it comes to any yoga pose, no matter what your experience level is! Always nice to be reminded to release my expectations and embrace being new to something ;)

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I highly recommend the FeetUp trainer and am so grateful for its versatility and the way it helps me feel empowered to learn something new in my yoga practice.

Who wants to try it? ;)

You can save $10 on your order using the code ALIVEINTHEFIRE. Namaste, friends.

Photos by Brandon Johnson (besides the poster and prop pictures).