Letting Go of Insecurity

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When insecurity or self-doubt surfaces, it can be really hard to move forward.

So, what do you do? How do you turn your thoughts around?

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Here are three things that help me avoid throwing myself a pity party ;)

  1. Repeat the mantra, “This too shall pass.” I trust that this feeling won’t last forever.

  2. Get into my body. Move. Breathe. Notice pain and tension, and do what I need to do to move through it. Sometimes this is a sweaty gym workout; sometimes it’s an hour of stillness on my yoga mat. And often, it’s a few songs dancing in my underwear ;)

  3. Gratitude. Even though things feel crappy in this moment, there’s still something to be grateful for. Blessings abound. Can you notice them?

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Now go turn that frown upside down ;)