3 Ideas for Crow Pose

Alive in the Fire_Crow Pose_Jeremy Baker.JPG

Do you guys enjoy Bakasana? ;)

Crow pose is a fun way to test your balance. Here are 3 fun and unique ideas to apply to the pose:

  1. Think of your head as a counterweight to the rest of your body, like scales tipping. Instead of focusing on pressing the floor away or using your arm strength, concentrate on feeling your center of gravity in your body.

  2. Play with standing on a block to start; see how a little extra height changes the pose. Or try placing a block under your forehead, especially if you’re struggling with the fear of falling. Set your drishti (focal point) and concentrate your gaze in one spot. Find a fiery, audible breath before you enter the pose.

  3. Level up your pose: practice the crow to headstand transition! Or, if you’re new to crow: start practicing the pose reclined on your back and contract your muscles inward, drawing in tight. Can you feel your core strength? This is where the pose comes from.

What tips would you add for crow pose? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Photo by Jeremy Baker of @jjbakerphoto.