Coping with Life Changes

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Are you experiencing a big shift?

I’ve recently been through one, so I made a list of some things that have been helping me. My hope is that something in this list might lift your spirits or allow you to feel grounded in your body.

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Practices for When You’re on the Rollercoaster of Life

  1. Challenge your body. Make a conscious choice to level up your physical practices right now. Let your struggle and pain be a fuel to your fire. For me, physical strength often contributes to helping me feel emotionally and mentally strong.

  2. Set goals and track your progress. Recently I’ve been keeping a weekly list of how many times I practice yoga, how far I run or for how long I do cardio, how many nights I don’t drink alcohol, and how many days a week I visit the sauna for some heat therapy. I like comparing week by week how I’m doing.

  3. Get a coach. Have you ever tried working with a relationship coach, like Orion's Method? Or a life coach to help you reflect on your career path? Sitting down one-on-one to talk about your aspirations and past experiences is a life-changing practice. The clarity is so helpful.

  4. Plan something to look forward to.

  5. Feel your feelings when they arrive. Give yourself permission to experience sadness, anger, confusion, and heartache. Instead of distracting yourself from these feelings, sit with them. This is difficult, and will help you move forward and break through to the joy that’s waiting on the other side of this experience.

  6. On the flip side, be willing to take breaks from your feelings. If you’re overwhelmed for a few days in a row, try something lighthearted. Don’t listen to all the sad songs every night ;)

  7. Forgive yourself. You’re not perfect; you are human. Lovable, wonderful, and worthy, just as you are.

  8. Try line dancing! Or any kind of dancing, really. ;) Or, if you’re not into dancing, try another totally new activity. Create some new pathways in your brain.

  9. Start a list of all the things that can instantly help boost your mood or make your day better. Maybe it’s visiting your favorite park with your dog, or singing in the car with the windows down. When you’re having a shit day, commit to doing at least one thing from this list. Move out of a space of hopelessness and choose to feel upbeat, even if it’s only for a few minutes of the day.

  10. Go within. Everything you’re looking for is there, within you.

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What helps you when you’re going through a hard time? I’d love to hear!

PS More ideas for when you’re having a shitty day.

Photos by Angelo Hilton.