Your Love Life

So, I'm curious... how is your love life these days? ;)

Are you in a relationship, seeking one, or happy being single?

I think no matter what your relationship status is, it's important to keep your love life alive. Personally I love connecting with my romantic side, being in tune with my body, and feeling sexy and confident. 

However, these things aren't always easy to do, and like anything, they require constant practice.

So, in case you're feeling lackluster about your love life, or you're feeling stuck in a rut, this post is for you.

A Few Simple Ways to Rekindle the Fire Within

  • Step up your self-care routine. I know this might be the last thing you think of when you think "sexy," but taking great care of yourself is essential. Take a moment to think about your health and happiness. Are you eating well? Working out? Sleeping enough? By getting back to basics, you'll automatically contribute toward making your love life great.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and let loose a little bit, whatever that means for you. This could be just what you need to feel turned on, and I bet your partner will like a surprise, too.
  • Shop for something sexy. What makes you feel confident? I'm all about finding things that are simple and comfortable, and I feel like a little lace usually goes a long way ;) This week I went to Tobi for a few fun things: a necklace, bra, and two dresses. (See below for the links.)
  • Let your partner shop for you. This is another fun way to mix it up. Let your partner teach you what they find sexy about you, and be open to their ideas. Let yourself feel loved and cherished.
  • Spend time in the bedroom before you go out for dinner and a movie. Works. Every. Time. ;) This way you're not exhausted and you can spend the evening with a little glow.
  • Commit to making time in the bedroom, even if you're not in the mood. Sometimes just taking the time to cuddle and be close to each other can shift how you feel, and send sparks flying. And, even if you don't end up having a wild night together, you'll still feel great spending quality time together expressing your love.

What do you do to spice up your love life?

PS Here are the items I got from Tobi, which are featured in the photos in this post:

California Sunset Maxi Dress 
True To You Lace Bralette  
Juna Cold Shoulder Shift Dress  
Gwyneth Lariat Necklace