The #AliveInTheFire2017 Instagram Challenge

Hi, yogis! Question for you: are you on Instagram? ;)

I'd love to invite you to participate in the upcoming #AliveInTheFire2017 Instagram challenge! Starting next Monday, and all throughout the week from 8/21 to 8/27, I will be hosting a challenge along with sponsored yoginis Kelsie and Yani.

Wondering how it works? 

  • Anyone can participate! We welcome all levels, whether you are new to yoga or you've been practicing for a while. All you need is an Instagram account.
  • Start by posting any of the graphics in this blog post to your Instagram account, to announce that you're joining in the fun. Be sure to tag all three of us as well as our sponsor, Yogi Surprise (@aliveinthefireyoga @yogabykels @yogawithyanira @yogisurprise). Also include the hashtag #AliveInTheFire2017.
  • Starting Monday, check out the hosts to see what the pose of the day is, and what topic to write about.
  • Be creative with your posts and feel free to modify the pose to fit your practice!
  • By participating on all 7 days, you'll be entered to win a @yogisurprise box. These awesome subscription boxes are like a "yoga retreat in a box" and contain high-quality goods such as yoga gear, jewelry, healthy snacks, beauty products and more.
  • Have fun, experience personal shifts in your practice, and make new friends in our wonderful Alive in the Fire community!

Here are the poses, and keep in mind we'll be offering variations for all levels.

Day 1: Low lunge
Day 2: Boat
Day 3: Cobra, updog or anahatasana
Day 4: Triangle or half moon
Day 5: Camel
Day 6: Crow or arm balance
Day 7: Wheel, forearm stand, or hollow back

Namaste, and hope to see you over on Instagram!