Self Care

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I have this little sticky note on my fridge that says: You are the most important thing.

I wrote it to myself about six months ago, while going through a very difficult time.

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I’ve found it helpful to have this daily reminder to practice self care.

There are some self-care practices I utilize on a regular basis:

  • Yoga

  • Running and sauna therapy at the gym

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Eating nutritious food

  • Spending time with loved ones and asking for support when I’m struggling

Here are a few other unique ways I love to practice self care…

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I like to bring a water bottle with me wherever I go, and I drink at least 32 oz. of water a day. I love love love my beautiful Vibe bottle with its beautiful flower of life design. It’s a perfect size for keeping in my car or bringing to the gym and sometimes I use it for carrying kombucha or a green smoothie. ;)

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Writing about my emotions

Putting a pen to paper helps me sort out how I’m feeling. Whether that’s a short list of what’s bothering, a quick brainstorm about where my emotions are coming from, a poem, or a journal entry, writing things down is a very helpful form of self care for me.

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Watching the sunrise or sunset

I have a thing for sunrises and sunsets ;) Something about seeing the colors shift and change, the way the light creates a beautiful brilliant glow… it’s just magical. I’ll often take photos of the sun coming up or going down and there’s just something really calming about those moments for me.

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Nature walks

Nothing better than getting outside for a breath of fresh air during the day. The best is when I can bring my pup along too!

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Dance parties at home in my underwear

I mean, what could be more therapeutic than that?! Pure expression. Always a favorite form of self care. And as an introvert, I really value alone time. Sometimes I add in a glass of wine, too.

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Being kind to myself

Other ways I practice self care:

  • Giving myself permission not to be perfect

  • Forgiving myself after messing up or being harsh and self-critical

  • Saying no when there’s something I don’t want to do

  • Playing things by ear so I can honor how I'm feeling in the moment 

What are your go-to self care routines?