Your Heart

Alive in the Fire_Angelo Hilton_Chico (19).jpg

At the very core of you, there is a goodness, an emanating light.

Notice, in the area where your heart is, a sense of tenderness.

Of compassion.

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You may have set walls around this light. You may have lost touch with it.

You may have felt your confidence waver, or your energy dwindle.

Take a breath as you notice this, or any other sensation that comes up.

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And then, soften.

Find gratitude for this goodness, for your heart— the part of you that loves the world, that wants to be happy, that feels love toward others, and for yourself.

Find gratitude for this amazing person that you are, the many qualities you carry, and the many gifts you offer.

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You are cared for. 

You are loved.

You are this light that you carry.

Photos by Angelo Hilton of @angelo_chico_photographer and @beautiful_chico. Post inspired by my friend Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, and his reflections on When You Have a Voice Telling You You're Inadequate.

A heartfelt thank you to both Angelo and to Leo, who are constant sources of inspiration to me.