On Being Alone

Alive in the Fire_Alone (2).jpg

I believe that on some days we must be alone.

The work that the universe has planned for you, it requires solitude. It requires quiet.

If your heart is aching, if there is loneliness, remember: this is a tool. This is a way for you find what exists at the bottom of your heart. And to learn to trust it.

It is the broken part of you that believes you must search for love outside yourself.

This part of you knows how to heal. Intuitively, your heart leans toward healing, without you trying.

Your heart knows where to find, deep within you, a wellspring of emotion and of love. A river running wild that you had not felt before. A path that you walk on your own.

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Loneliness teaches you your own worth, the depths of you, everything that you have always been.

Raw, exposed, open: you will bring this desire with you when you meet the one who has been waiting.

But you had to be lonely first. Can’t you see? You needed to step into your own power. You needed to transform.

To awaken.

To feel your own heat before you shared it.

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