What Fuels Your Morning?

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There is something magical about waking up early.

Allowing yourself stillness in the quiet, sacred energy of the morning.

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I absolutely adore slow mornings on the weekends: waking up without an alarm, drinking coffee in bed, rolling out my mat, easing into the day.

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On work days, I start with coffee and a few moments on my mat, usually alternate nostril breathing and cat/cow.

On ambitious mornings, I go for a long walk with my dog or head straight to the gym for a run.

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Recently I discovered the perfect breakfast bar. Ever tried Redd bars? They've got protein, superfoods and a little caffeine boost to get me going.

I connected with the brand after trying their chocolate bar from a Yogi Surprise box and was really impressed by how thoughtful and generous their team is. As a blogger, I know when a brand sends me a care package that has a handwritten note in it that they are the kind of brand I want to work with ;)

For a week straight, I started each day with a bar and was so grateful for the sustained energy in my morning, whether I was at work needing to focus on a project, or at the gym needing energy for a run on the treadmill.

And the Redd story is pretty awesome, too: Alden, the founder, made a decision in college to quit eating junk food and created the bars because, as he says, his college meal plan wasn’t cutting it. Pretty rad!

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Thanks, team Redd, for the sweet beanie too!

You guys made it feel like Christmas morning on the day my care package came in the mail ;)

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What do you enjoy about your morning routine?