5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

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Throughout the last week I’ve been fighting a bad sinus infection, and still reeling emotionally since the Camp Fire.

At times, it has been difficult to cultivate gratitude.

Here are 5 ways I’m bringing in grateful, happy vibes even though things feel tough.


5 Easy Ways to Cultivate Gratitude Even When You’re Having a Rough Time

1. Notice one thing. This morning I had just gotten out of the shower and was feeling super crappy, trying to decided whether or not I would go to work, and the thought occurred to me, “At least I have my coffee.” ;) YES! I told myself. At least I have my coffee. If things are sucky, take a moment to notice just ONE thing about the moment that’s good. Name it. Speak it aloud.


2. Ask for help. As much as possible, ask for help. Let your friends and family feed you, hug you, and listen to you. Remember, you’re not alone.

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3. Be in nature. Get outside— it really does shift things. Something about the fresh air and the sky overhead helps me remember I’m OK.

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4. Write down a gratitude list in the morning, and read it throughout your day. I like to write 5 things I’m grateful for. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small. This could be anything from the most important people in my life to the fact that I got to eat pancakes for dinner. Just write down whatever comes into your mind. It’s also fun to start an ongoing gratitude journal so you can go back and re-read the things you’ve been grateful for over time. I’m loving the one I got from Yogi Surprise in their November box.

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5. Be with animals. They truly embody unconditional love!

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What helps you cultivate gratitude?