When I Teach Yoga

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I am a vinyasa yoga teacher from northern California.

I teach yoga to help bring healing to others.

I found yoga during a difficult period of my life when I was struggling with anxiety and depression. I've discovered that most of us begin this practice out of a deep need to heal, and I believe in and trust fully the potential of yoga to bring us that healing.

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My focus is on helping students get started in their practice, and helping new teachers become empowered to teach.

My teaching is inspired by power vinyasa flow in the style of Baron Baptiste, Dharma Yoga, and Bhakti yoga. I also incorporate Reiki energy healing, intuition and meditation into my classes.

When I teach, I will ask you to:

  • Be kind to yourself.

  • Release your expectations.

  • Set your intention. Ask for what you need from your practice. Give your practice away.

  • Dig deep.

  • Trust what comes up.

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I've been practicing since 2009 and teaching since 2014, all the while learning more methods for making this practice accessible and enjoyable. I love working with beginners and those who are intimidated by yoga. My goal is to to help you move in a way that feels good so that you're more comfortable in your body, and to help you expand that work energetically into all aspects of your life so that you have more freedom and ease.

Will you breathe with me?

Let's begin.

Photos by Carin Dorghalli.