Stomach Pains?

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Today on Alive in the Fire, let's talk about a not-so-fun topic: stomach problems.

Have you guys ever dealt with digestion issues?  

In the last year, I've had my share of flare ups, and want to share a few things that have helped me.

Please note that I'm not a medical doctor and haven't been diagnosed with a specific condition, and would encourage you to seek professional medical advice if you are experiencing any stomach issues.

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If you've ever had any of these stomach issues, this post is for you!  

  • Stress that impacts your digestion
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Not knowing why the hell your body isn't processing food the way you want it to
  • Wondering what you should change with your diet, but struggling to figure it out
  • Doctors who aren't helpful and don't really understand what's wrong
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  • Try a natural supplement. I highly recommend IBS Formula. I've been taking it now for two months and have noticed a HUGE difference in my digestion. I've experienced relief from gas, bloating, and constipation. The supplement is affordable and contains only natural, healing ingredients; you can read more about the recipe on the IBS Formula website. I'll be taking this one indefinitely!
  • Rest and relax. In my experience, stress is a huge contributor to digestive problems. Taking time to deal with my emotions and honestly assess where my stress is coming from can really help me relieve discomfort and ease my digestion.
  • Try acupuncture. Working with an intuitive, caring, knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture helped me through a really rough period of stomach problems. Acupuncture is a truly healing form of self-care and I highly recommend giving it a try.
  • Drink water. Upon waking, drink warm water with a little lemon in it. Throughout the day, sip water instead of chugging it. Drink lukewarm water instead of ice water.
  • Eat slowly, while sitting. Eat when you feel hungry and when your emotions are calm. The state you're in when you eat affects how your body receives and digests your food. Take the time to sit and savor your meal instead of rushing. Also, only eat when you feel hungry and when you are not in an emotional state. If you are angry, upset, sad, or overwhelmed, take a few moments to clear your mind and release stress before you sit down to eat.
  • Soothe your belly with self-massage. Apply loving touch to your stomach can help get your digestion in balance. You can research online to find specific techniques for massage on the belly and around the internal organs; to start, just follow your intuition and try slow, smooth circles in the clockwise direction. Lately I've been making time before bed to do a five-minute self-massage and I find it makes a huge difference in my digestion and helps me feel calm and relaxed before sleep.
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Do you have any other ways you help soothe your stomach and improve digestion?

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Note: in these photos I'm wearing the Amethyst Tie Dye long yoga pants, and the Plum Baru sports bra from Lotus Tribe Clothing.