10 Ways to Practice Slowing Down

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Life moves fast.

But, I’m noticing, it’s often because we choose to get caught up in moving at a quick pace.

We can choose to slow down.

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Here are 10 simple ways to add some mindfulness and rest to your day.

10 Easy Ways to Practice Slowing Down

1. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe all the way down into your belly.

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2. Create a morning and evening routine by lighting a candle. My favorite candles lately are from Making Light, a subscription box that comes with lovely scents. I tried the Lemon Biscotti candle lately and loved how it made my whole house smell like I was baking cookies! I love lighting a candle first thing when I wake up in the morning, or after work as soon as I get home. It’s a reminder to center myself.


3. Sit down to eat. Instead of rushing through your meals, slow down, get grounded, and take slow bites.

4. Drive the long way. Avoid the freeway. Embrace the feeling of taking a slower pace to get from one place to another.

5. If at any point in your day you have to wait in a line, consider it a gift. Meditate. Notice what’s happening around you. Bring all of your senses to life, or do a body scan. What stands out to you in this moment?

6. Sit with no intention. Sit on your couch. Sit on the floor. Sit on a park bench and watch the sun set.

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7. Get outside.

8. Notice when you are doing two things at once, and then only do one.

9. Listen with intention. During every conversation today, see if you can add a pause between when the other person is talking and when you speak.

10. Turn off your damn phone. ;)

I’m curious, friends: what helps you slow down?

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Photos (1) and (5) by Brandon Johnson; photo (2) by Jessica Bartlett; photo (3) by Angelo Hilton; the rest my own.