Boost Your Mood

Today on Alive in the Fire, I want to talk about bad moods.

The kind of bad moods you just can't shake.

The ones that come from days that involve any of the following:

  • Spilled coffee
  • Forgotten coffee
  • Animals pooping in the house
  • Your own children screaming
  • Others' children screaming
  • Accidents, injuries and close calls
  • Flat tires (any car trouble, really)
  • Hangry moments
  • Workplace bullshit
  • Beating yourself up about something stupid

Well... you get the idea ;)

So with those kinds of "fun" moments in mind, here are some unique ways to shake your bad mood and feel some relief.

Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

1. Get outside and move around. Go for a short walk. Shake out your hands. Brush off your shoulders. Picture yourself getting rid of stagnant, yucky energy. Another great way to do this is to stomp your feet.

2. Watch the sun rise or set. Envision the bright energy entering your heart space, burning off the negative and making space for positivity. 

3. Surround yourself with some uplifting aromatherapy scents. I love these little "Optimist" sprays from Balanced Guru. I like to spritz them in my car and on my wrists for an instant pick-me-up. You could also light a candle or some sage.

4. Laugh a little. Listen to Kevin Hart, read The Onion, ask a kid to tell you a joke, or play a prank on someone. See if you can experience a lighthearted moment even in the midst of your bad mood.

5. Look through old photos from happy times in your life.

6. Learn something new like how to fix your bike, how to cook a new recipe, or how to use an app you've been wanting to try.

Alive in the Fire_Optimist.jpg

7. Look up, literally. When you start to hear the negative thoughts pouring into your brain, take your eyes up toward the ceiling or sky. This redirects your focus and breaks the pattern of negativity. Also, sit up straightBetter posture = better mood.

8. Write some negative shit down, and then burn the paper. Very cathartic.

9. Do a salt scrub on your feet. Polish off any negative energy, rinse it off, and then give yourself a little foot massage.

10. Do whatever the f*** you want. I mean, really. This list is cool but what do you want to do right now, that you know will shift your mood? Go do it. You have permission. And I believe you deserve to feel better, and you will, if you go do whatever that thing is :)

PS: More ideas for what to do if you're having a bad day.