Alive in the Fire

Life throws the unexpected at us, so often that it can sometimes feel like we are standing over hot coals, jumping around to avoid getting burned.

Alive in the Fire_Chris Archer_Maui

Can I react to the circumstances around me peacefully, putting a breath between the situation and my reaction?

Can I act lovingly toward others?

Can I love myself even after making mistakes?

Photo by Chris Archer

In these moments of clarity and calm, I feel alive in the fire.

Energized, resilient, resolute. 

In the yogic practice, fire comes in the form of tapas, the fiery determination that burns off what is no longer needed, the purification that comes from the breath.

In a bigger way, alive in the fire means being awake to your true purpose, and pursuing it wholeheartedly. 

When do you feel alive in the fire?

Photos by Chris Archer of Archer Shoots, taken on Maui.