Visualize the Pose


When it comes to yoga poses, especially the ones you haven't done yet, it can be helpful to visualize yourself in the pose.

In your mind's eye, see yourself in the pose.

Alive in the Fire_Angelo Hilton (63).jpg

Envision it.

Feel the energy of the pose, even before your body takes the shape.

Alive in the Fire_Angelo Hilton (64).jpg

What do you notice?

How does this pose feel?

Use visualization as a tool. You can move toward your goals, and enhance your practice, simply by focusing your mind on where you want to go.


PS Which poses make you feel powerful? I love Crow pose (bakasana), pictured above, because it gives me the thrill of taking flight ;)

Photos by Angelo Hilton, taken at Bidwell Park in Chico, CA.