Summer Adventures

Have you taken any sweet summer adventures lately?

Today I took a mini-adventure: a short hike around at the North Rim Trail of Upper Bidwell Park in Chico.

It was beautiful out there, and a little dry and dusty, too.

I liked hearing the sound of the wind rustling through the tall grass, watching lizards skirt off the trail where I was walking, and just taking a moment out in nature to be still.

It's my favorite thing to be up on top of a hill like that, and have a wide, open view of the landscape nearby. Having grown up in the Sacramento Valley of northern California, there's just something nostalgic and comfortable about seeing a lot of blue sky; it feels like home.

Today it felt awesome to do a few yoga poses, too :)

Cheers to your next summertime adventure —may you feel peaceful and free!

PS Some smoothie recipes and ways to beat the summer heat.