Self-Expression (Three Journaling Prompts)

Today, give yourself five to ten minutes to write freely. 

You could use a fancy journal or a simple piece of scrap paper. You could sit somewhere in solitude, enjoying the quiet; or perhaps you want to write while surrounded by people at a busy coffee shop. Do what comes naturally to you today.

Set yourself up for a comfortable, safe space where you feel grounded, and can let go.

Give yourself the freedom express what you’re feeling and thinking without any editing, judgment or holding back due to fear of what others will think. 

Let the work you do be therapeutic and cathartic. Let it be a resonance of you, in this present moment. Not what you think you should be, or what others are pressuring you to be. Just write from where you are. 

The blank page is a space where you can be yourself. Make lists, bullet points, random musings. Tell stories or jokes. Let whatever emotion is bubbling up make its way onto your page.

Here are a few of my favorite writing ‘prompts’ that I’ve used over the years, or that I’ve found to be effective in working through difficult situations:

1. What am I ready to let go of? What’s weighing on me the heaviest right now? How can I release my need to control this situation/person and instead surrender to the timing of the Universe?

2. Sit comfortably for a few minutes and notice your breath. Then, meditate on your life. Imagine that you’ve been given a blank slate. You get to let go of all your current responsibilities, time commitments, relationships and fears, and start from scratch. What would you put back into your life? How would you fill up your days? Consider what you’re holding on to that is draining your energy.

3. How do you want to be remembered? (I love this one because it really puts things in perspective when I’ve been worrying about small stuff.) 

Here's to discovering something new about yourself through writing! Namaste.

Photos by Stephanie Sheveland, taken on the island of Maui. PS This post is inspired by the

#IlluminateTheGoddess Instagram challenge I'm participating in... hope you'll follow along, or join in! :)