A Meditative Moment

When we take time to listen

to what's going on inside

to sit with what is

and to feel what is simple, beautiful, and whole

we are reminded of our own humanity.

Even for all its complication,

and its difficulty,

life can be simple.

We can connect.

You and I, we are both capable

of love, of compassion, of patience.

As I sit, I notice

the quality of the air around me.

The sound of the wind moving through the trees.

The feeling of immensity that the colors

of the far off sky

awaken in me.

The way the earth is alive,

and in me I carry that same energy.

The sound of the birds,

my connection to them,


The way I have done nothing, yet I am connected.

I am awake.

Through sitting, 

noticing what's happening now,

I am offered the opportunity to go inward.

To be within

my inner world.

And then, 


I find a smile,

knowing that all is well.

When today's meditative moment

reaches you,

take a pause.

Take it all in,

what is waiting,

what is here and around every corner.




a moment of peace.