3 Health Hacks that Have Changed My Life

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There are so many ways to define a “healthy” lifestyle. ;)

Over the years I’ve been refining my health routines and habits, moving more and more toward my happiest and most balanced self.

Yoga, meditation, working out, running, Ayurveda, and mantra all play a big part, which you probably know from reading Alive in the Fire ;)

In the last month, I’ve made three important changes to my routine, and I’m feeling amazing!

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3 Health Hacks that Have Transformed My Life

  1. Eating intuitively. There is something so powerful about sitting quietly and giving my body the chance to speak. To tune in and ask, What foods do I really want right now? What do I need? Every time I slow down and do this, when I truly listen, there’s so much wisdom that comes through. Lately my philosophy has been to trust my body, listen to cravings, notice when I’m eating out of boredom, and to consider hunger a gift. Hunger reminds me that I’m alive. It helps me enjoy food more. It’s not a bad thing to be hungry and then to listen to that hunger and eat. The best is when I can sit down and take my time savoring a meal. Eating intuitively feels really, really good for my soul and spirit.

  2. Drinking celery juice first thing in the morning. Have you guys heard of Medical Medium? Anthony William is, a very powerful healer and intuitive that I think everyone should be aware of. He offers so much wisdom on the healing power of foods and the ways that we are wrong about many illnesses and diseases (and no, I’m not getting paid to say this). I won’t go into all the details but one big thing that he talks about is the power of celery juice to bring healing to the body. It’s been about a month now that I’ve been drinking celery juice on an empty first thing in the morning and I have felt a HUGE shift in my digestion and my energy levels. As someone who has struggled with digestive issues over the past few years, I am incredibly grateful to have found this medicine and to have made it part of my routine.

  3. Cutting alcohol completely (and cutting way back on sugar). I’ve had an interesting relationship to alcohol over the years. I recently realized how important it is to me to heal some of the family wounds and trauma around alcohol abuse, so I cut it out of my diet completely as an experiment to see how that would feel. I’ve never felt dependent on alcohol but I have in the past used it as an unhealthy coping mechanism and a method for numbing myself from truly feeling my emotions. I always felt in control but would notice how over time one glass of wine every couple days could easily turn into one every night after work, or maybe two. I’ve also watched the impact of alcohol on several loved ones and how it has brought so much pain and struggle and suffering into their lives; on the whole, I feel like it has a negative impact on us and it makes me sad to see how it builds toxins in the body and takes away from vibrancy and quality of life. I haven’t decided never to drink again, but I can say I feel really, really good about taking a long break from having wine on a regular basis ;) On top of that, I’ve taken refined sugars out of my diet and started that trend simply drinking my coffee black instead of putting honey or agave in it. It’s amazing how once I cut sugar and was able to get over that first initial week of having it, I didn’t feel cravings for it. I now feel like my digestion is happier and smoother with this change, and my mental state is clearer and more calm. Without alcohol and without processed sugar, I also sleep way better and wake feeling more rested and rejuvenated.

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Bonus health hack: I’ve adopted the mantra, “I want my body to look and feel as natural as possible.”

For a while there, I was striving so hard to lower my body fat percentage and reach more definition in my muscles, hoping to one day achieve “six pack abs.” I was researching different diets and thinking how I wanted to feel “cut.” I was pushing too hard in my workouts, to the point of fatigue and strain. Gym culture and Instagram were starting to skew my thinking… yikes!

One day I looked in the mirror, noticing my curves, and thought, “What the f***!”

“I am so beautiful.”

I wanted to cry, I felt so grateful.

I have a beautiful, feminine, soft, strong, supple body. I love my natural curves. I love my imperfect skin. I love the incredible, powerful, intelligent system that is my body, all its abilities to heal and grow and adapt.

So, I’ve been going inward. I’ve been writing about my body and my relationship to it. I’ve been reflecting on the ways in the past I ignored my body’s cries for love and support, and forgiving myself for that. I’ve stopped eating the things that make me feel like crap. I’ve been listening to podcasts and watching documentaries and reading books so I can up my knowledge.

I threw away my old makeup and bought some that doesn’t have toxic chemicals in it. I’ve been shopping at the farmer’s market and learning more about where the food I eat comes from.

I’ve been honoring the moments when I feel sensual and vibrant, whether that’s when I’m dancing in my underwear at home, doing a boudoir photo shoot, relaxing in a salt bath, or chopping up a pineapple and eating a piece of it while the juice drips off of my fingers. I’m holding my body sacred, cherishing every part of me.

And I’ve been giving myself so much grace and patience as I incorporate these changes that I want to be my forever routine.

In short, I’ve been making my health the priority it deserves to be.

And I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. ;)

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What do you guys think? Have you been making any changes to your routine lately?

I’d love to hear more about what healthy habits have helped you the most!

And if there’s anything I can do to help as you’re making changes, please reach out. I’m here. (aliveinthefire at gmail dot com) You shouldn’t have to feel alone while you’re making changes and working through the difficult stuff.



Third photo by Brandon Johnson.