3 Tips for a Consistent Yoga Practice

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Consistency is key.

This is true for any yoga practice, or fitness or nutrition habit.

So, what helps create a routine you can stick with?

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Here are three things that have helped me over the years to be consistent in my practice:

  1. Make it about something bigger than me. Give my practice away. Dedicate it to someone I love, and suddenly it becomes easier to show up and make that commitment.

  2. Keep my mat rolled out. The night before your home practice, set up your space so that it’s ready to go. Or, if you’re going to work out after work, set your clothes out and put them in a spot where you can’t miss them.

  3. Tell a friend about my goal, and ask them to hold me accountable.

    Bonus tip: set your new habit as something really small, like two minutes a day. You don’t have any excuses not to do yoga for two minutes today. Chances are, once you’ve done those two minutes you’ll feel motivated to keep going for longer, or to go longer tomorrow.

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Hope these are helpful!

What are your tips for staying consistent in your yoga practice?

Photos by Jessica Bartlett.