Coconut Oil

I loooove coconut oil. It is one of my self-care staples... amazing for skincare as well as cooking, plus it makes me think of being on the beach somewhere tropical ;)

Today Yani from the Sponsored Yogi team is here to share a reflection on a wonderful coconut oil brand called Skinny & Co. and some awesome ways you can use coconut oil for your own beauty routine. Enjoy!

The secret to health and beauty is everywhere. Really, many individuals get their fix from all over the place: natural remedies, the best line in the business, picking something up at your local store, not caring, you name it. 

One of my all time favorites is coconut oil. While incredibly versatile, it is, also, extremely wonderful for the body.  You can imagine the excitement when I had a little surprise from Alive in the Fire’s sweetheart Rachel and Skinny & Co. waiting for me one day; I opened a box of the cutest coconut oil assortments. The angelic gift came at the right time, as I was in the middle of moving and preparing for my first overseas solo trip.

Some favorite coconut oil uses are: 

  • post shower oiling (leaves your skin soft and moisturized)
  • in toothpaste (used as is, or add a little baking soda)
  • for oil pulling (helps removes toxins from your body- be sure not to swallow it!)
  • aiding in razor burns or healing cuts (such as tattoos)
  • as a hair moisturizer (apply it to hair- focusing more on tips than the roots, put hair in a bun, and an hour later wash out hair)
  • as facial moisturizer (get a dime size of coconut oil, rub it in your palms so it warms up and melts, and lightly apply to face)
  • you can even add it to coffee or teas, or use it a spread for toast

Versatile, right?! And you get to skip all those additives, preservatives, and chemicals that come in most products! With that in mind, the best way to go is ensuring you get a raw, unrefined coconut oil. 

I was thrilled to see that Skinny & Co prided themselves in producing “extra virgin, cold-processed coconut oil, made with nothing but 100% pure, raw, wild-harvested coconuts. No chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.” 

The small batches of coconut oil, facial oil, body butter, oil pulling & sugar scrub received in the sample pack were the perfect travel size containers. I checked out their website and they have a ton of other neat products! 

Check ‘em out, and if you happen to find a sole item that you just can’t live without use the code SKINNYCO15 and receive 15% off your order! 

Thanks, Yani, for sharing this post, and a big thanks to the team at Skinny & Co. for your generous gift to us!

PS Have you guys seen this hilarious spoof video on the best ways to use coconut oil? Cracks me up every time ;)