Welcoming Spring

It's hard to believe that the vernal equinox is already here!

Hello, springtime...

As I'm gearing up for some major changes at home and with work, I'm clearing space for what's new, and releasing the old.

How beautiful that the timing for these shifts is aligned with the transition of the new spring season!

Here are some simple ways that I'm incorporating release and renewal  into my routine.

  • A four-day vegetarian diet with clean, simple foods (veggies, rice, eggs, nuts, healthy oils, hummus, and minimal fruit)
  • Lots of tea (and spending time enjoying the ritual of making it and sipping it)
  • Hydration: water, coconut water and kombucha (and no alcohol)
  • Sweaty workouts 3-4 days a week
  • Burning sage and palo santo to clear stagnant energy
  • Hot epsom salt baths
  • Castor oil packs on my belly to promote digestion
  • Cleaning out closets, tidying the house, and getting rid of old stuff I'm not using
  • Self massage (and a few professional massages with my incredible massage therapist)
  • Spending as much time in the sunshine as possible :) 
  • Intention setting
  • Quiet time first thing in the morning and last thing before bed (I call this my 'sacred time' and I use it to light candles, sip warm drinks, relax, and stretch)

It's been wonderful spending time on my yoga mat, too, of course!

Inversion play after a run is always a great way to get my energy moving and elevate my mood. 

What are your springtime rituals?

And what are you looking forward to this spring season?