A Yoga Pose for the Holidays: Savasana

What is your favorite yoga pose these days?

With the busy holiday season here, it's so helpful to make time for yoga. Today on Alive in the Fire, sponsored yogini Yani shares about one of her favorite postures,


(deep rest).

A favorite pose of mine is corpse pose, also known as Savasana. Not only is it a nice way to cool down from a flow, but it is a good way to ground yourself and let go. 

To get into Savasana, find a quiet and comfortable space, a place where you can go undisturbed for some time. Lie down on your back. 

Place your feet at hip-width apart, arms resting beside your body, palms facing up towards the skies. Feel your body on the mat, grounding yourself to the Earth below you, allowing your ankles to relax down toward the mat. 

Mentally scan the entirety of your body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Bring awareness to the natural rhythm of your breath. Inhale, and exhale. With each exhale, allow a little more of your weight to fall onto the mat. Allow your jaw to relax. Give yourself permission to sink deeper into your mat, deeper into rest. 

If thoughts arise, allow them to float away—like a cloud passing through the sky—and draw your focus back into your breath. 

If your thoughts continue to run wild, focus on syncing a mantra with your breath. For example, use the mantra 

Sat Nam

, which means, 

the essence of me is truth; I am true.

 As you inhale, vibrate within, or think to yourself, 


. As you exhale, vibrate within, or think to yourself, 



You are safe to let go.