Yoga on the Go

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Are you planning to travel this holiday season?

I’m always excited to bring my yoga practice with me when I visit new places.

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It feels good to roll out my yoga mat at a studio I’ve never been to, and drop in to the community and energy of the space. I always learn something when I step into a new studio.

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It also feels really good to bring my practice outside into nature, or to visit familiar studios that feel like home.

Where will you practice during the holidays?

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As far as traveling with your yoga mat goes, it can be tricky to figure out how to pack one when you’re on the road. I recently had the opportunity to check out a Toplus yoga mat and was excited to find that this is a great on-the-go yoga mat. It’s lightweight and comes with a handy strap for carrying it.

This would be a great mat for bringing in your car if you’re driving home to visit family for the holidays, or if you wanted to go to the park and practice and then have a picnic. The surface of the mat isn’t as grippy as some heavier mats, but it makes for a wonderful travel mat since it’s lightweight and durable. Plus, this yoga mat has great padding so it’s helpful under your knees and wrists during your practice, or as a comfy spot to sit if you’re on a hard surface.

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Toplus yoga mats would also make great gifts for anyone in your life who’s new to yoga and wants to start their routine during the holidays, to help de-stress. ;)

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Cheers to rolling out your mat all holiday season long! Namaste.

Photos by Angelo Hilton of Momentous Photography in Chico, CA.