Yogini readers, I'm curious...

Where do you shop for lingerie?

I recently discovered ThirdLove, and it's my new favorite brand. Their bras and panties are sexy, comfortable and affordable... plus, I love that the brand was created by women hoping to make the dreaded bra shopping experience more bearable :) They offer lacy, luxurious pieces that aren't wildly awesome.

Bra by ThirdLove.

The team at ThirdLove was kind enough to gift me a bra and panties set... I love them! The lacy designs are so pretty, and I'm impressed by how comfortably they both fit (I wear the bra all the time!). Plus, their website is super easy to use and the order was processed quickly and arrived in a gorgeous little box with tissue paper wrapping. I felt so fancy and pampered when I opened it :)

If you're looking to mix up your usual bra-and-panties routine, I highly recommend checking out ThirdLove. (And guys, if you're reading this: get your girl a giftcard for her birthday, or just because! You wont' regret it.) The ThirdLove style is elegant and  comfortable enough to wear every day, with a little extra sultry flair. (Plus, they have a 100% fit guarantee and they do free shipping for any order over $39, so it's a seriously great deal!)

PS In case you were curious, I chose the Equalizer Lace Plunge bra and lace thong.