Fun and Fitness


Today on Alive in the Fire, a guest post with some ideas for how to change up your fitness routine so that it’s a part of your day that you look forward to.

Are you dreading your workouts? If exercise is feeling like punishment, you might consider mixing it up a bit. Getting fit doesn’t have to entail being inside at a sweaty gym or going running in the cold, if that’s not enjoyable to you.

Here are some unique workouts you might consider adding to your fitness routine.

Acro / Partner / Couples Yoga

Ready to take your yoga practice to a whole new level? Partner yoga or couples yoga — sometimes called Acro yoga — puts a totally different spin on your yoga practice. There are a wide variety of lifts and holds that involve one person as the “base” and one person as the “flyer.” This dynamic form of yoga requires a lot of trust on the part of both people involved, and the poses build a lot of strength and balance. Try researching videos online or joining a local acro yoga meetup in your town, and give it a go.

Ice Skating/ Rollerblading

The feeling of rollerblading or ice skating can take you right back to your youth. Did you enjoy going down to the local skating rink and practicing your moves, skating around to music while racing around the rink with your friends? It’s just as fun in adulthood! Grab a friend or two and give it a go. Not only is it a fun mate date idea but you’ll burn a lot of calories and get a great workout for your legs, glutes and core. Go once a week or more often if you’re looking for a high calorie burn.


Trampolining is ultra fun, and burns a lot of calories. It’s a full body workout. Along with bouncing you’ll be doing different jumps and drops which work out a variety of areas in the body. Go to a trampolining class where you can be taught how to flip and somersault, or just go to a free bounce session for adults and have a good time jumping around. A fun, quick way to break a sweat!



Wrestling can be a really fun, lively and over the top kind of sport. Join a club where they can teach you the moves and get you performance ready. When you’re ready to get out there, find a clothing manufacturer who can create your costume based on the persona you’ve decided on. Wrestling is a great workout and gives an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends, too.

Have you ever tried or would you try any of these workouts? I’d love to hear ;)

Photos via Pexels and Squarespace.