A 3-Day Yoga Challenge


Right now, a group of 5 yogis and I are doing a three-day long yoga challenge.

We are stepping onto our mats today, tomorrow, and the day after that as a way to commit to ourselves.

Why do this?

While there are many benefits to doing yoga alone, I find that a supportive environment for healing and growth really brings the practice to a new level.

We share our experiences, ask questions, and hold each other accountable.

We discuss the poses and how they are helpful.

In this space of community, we are encouraged to open more, to go deeper, and to trust ourselves. Sometimes watching the success of another person is enough to motivate you to try again or to push a little harder. It’s just like in a yoga class when you can hear the sound of your neighbor’s breath, and it helps ground you and keep you going in a pose where you want to give up.

Have you ever tried it, making a commitment to do yoga for a certain number of days in a row?

Want to?

I’m here, if you’re ready. And even if you don’t feel ready, you can do this.

Alive in the Fire_Carin Dorghalli 13.jpeg

PS Very soon I’ll also be offering a 7-Day Challenge, a 10-Day option, and then… 40 days. :) Now is a good time to change your life, and commit to you. I hope you’ll join me!

Photos by Carin Dorghalli. Leggings by Lotus Tribe Clothing.

3-Day Yoga Reset

Three powerful days to help you find center.

This program features one-on-one connection, yoga, healthy eating, journaling, community, and accountability.

What’s included in the 3-Day Reset program:

  • A 30-minute call or in-person meeting to discuss your goals. Let’s get super clear on what you need and what’s been holding you back.

  • A custom 10 pose sequence designed specifically to help bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. Super simple: 10 poses. No excuses not to do them.

  • Daily yoga routine options: sequences for morning, midday and evening so you can choose which works best for your schedule.

  • Guidance and support for incorporating healthy changes into your diet and nutrition, and a plan for how to stick with them.

  • Access to a unique Facebook group community of compassionate yogis who want to support your wellness goals.

  • Accountability and one-on-one feedback and support from me throughout the three days.

  • Journal prompts, so you can explore what’s going on for you and reflect on your experiences.