Find Your Perfect Yoga Mat

Do you have a favorite yoga mat?

My go-to mat for when I'm traveling is the Jade Harmony Professional yoga mat. It's lightweight and has great grip and the perfect amount of cushion to help me feel supported while I'm practicing.

I was lucky enough to discover the mat using's Meet Your Perfect Mat tool. On their website, you can type in what you're looking for in a mat, and they'll select among the top brands for what fits your needs. The quiz is based on what style of yoga you practice and any specifications you have for the mat size. Super easy, and very helpful if you start shopping and aren't sure how to choose from so many different mats. 

I highly recommend finding your perfect mat using Yoga Outlet. This tool changed my practice completely! Before the Jade mat, I had all larger, heavier mats that were hard to lug around if I was practicing out of town or at a different studio than where I teach. Namaste.

PS More ideas for how to find the best yoga mat for your practice.

Photos by Lucid Reflections.