Monday Meditation: Fearlessness


Yogis, do you meditate? I've found that the practice of sitting in stillness and silence can do wonders for the mind. Once you offer yourself a space and time to let whatever is happening arise, you can come to terms with your internal struggles. You can also begin to discover things about yourself you never realized. 

In the interest of celebrating the practice of meditation, and because I have a silent retreat with Grateful Yoga coming up, I am going to offer a variety of posts on meditation this week.  The first will allow you to face your fears.

If you try this meditation and benefit from it, please share your thoughts in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.

Meditation for Overcoming Fear

Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Inhale, letting your abdomen expand, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale quickly through your mouth. Inhale again, holding the breath in your upper chest, and exhale through the mouth.

Now place one hand on your solar plexus and one on your heart. Breathe into the solar plexus, taking several slow breaths as you relax that area. Now breathe into and consciously relax the heart.

As you relax, witness your thoughts and emotions. Be present with whatever comes up, without judgment. If fear is present, make space for it. Let your fear freely arise, and allow it to release.

Become centered in the part of you that witnesses every aspect of life without being lost in it.

- From Yoga Journal October 2011 issue, found via Lilie Zen Coach