3 Ways to Build Resilience in Your Yoga Practice

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The only way to become more resilient is to TRAIN to become more resilient. This does not happen on accident.

Here are three simple ways to train resilience and focus during your yoga practice.

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3 Simple Ways to Train Resilience in Your Yoga Practice

  1. Move with discipline. Instead of fidgeting during or after a pose, hold stillness.

  2. Challenge yourself to mix it up. Set up your mat in a different area of the room every time. Listen carefully to the teacher’s words instead of rushing into a pose before it has been cued. Consciously draw in subtle awareness of something new in every pose.

  3. Stay with your breath. When a challenge arises, breathe more deeply. By engaging with a belly breath, you will bring your stress response down in a matter of moments. During recovery poses, regulate your breath to regulate your entire system. Use the practice of deep breathing off the mat.

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Be proud of yourself when you practice this way! You are building strength and resilience for yoga, and for your life off the mat.

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Top two photos by Jeremy Baker.