The Best Snacks to Eat Before a Yoga Class

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Not sure what to eat before your yoga class? Here are 10 easy, on-the-go snack ideas.

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My top 10 pre-yoga snacks:

1.       A banana.

2.       A spoonful of almond butter with a (tiny) sprinkle of salt, and a drizzle of honey. Literally, heaven.

3.       A Larabar, Luna bar, or Kind bar. (I’m not sponsored to recommend these; they are just really delicious bars.)

4.       A simple smoothie: almond milk, Greek yogurt, frozen banana, frozen blueberries and spinach. Yum!

5.       A very small bowl of oatmeal with nuts and a drizzle of honey.

6.       Avocado toast. Or just an avocado sprinkled with salt and pepper :)

7.       A handful of almonds, walnuts or pecans. Or some trail mix. (Word of advice, be sure to drink a little water after, so your throat isn’t scratchy for Ujjayi breath.)

8.       A handful of blueberries.

9.       A square or two of dark chocolate (not the whole bar, but just a little chunk—you can save the rest for dessert!).

10.   Herbal tea, an almond milk chai latte (decaf), or coconut water.

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Every yogi is a little different, so try experimenting to find what’s best for you. I recommend that you don’t eat for the hour before your practice, and if you’re taking a hot class, don’t eat for two hours beforehand. If you’re in a teacher training, be sure to incorporate snacks into your day so you don’t run out of energy. Sip water instead of gulping.

And, like any yogic practice, listen to what your body is telling you!

PS Pro tip: all of these snacks are great post-yoga, too. ;)

Top photo by Felipe Silva of @the_lost_portraits.