Visiting Dallas

Alive in the Fire_Dallas (18).jpg

Hi, friends!

This week I'm visiting my twin sister and her family in Dallas, Texas. We are having a blast catching up and getting ready to celebrate our 30th birthday ;)

I'm feeling a little jet lagged and going to turn in soon, but I wanted to share a few photos of my trip so far. 

The trip here was smooth sailing, and I got to sleep in a bit this morning.

I spent the day with my sister, my two nephews, my brother-in-law and their awesome dog ;) We enjoyed laughs, games, a walk in the park, some shopping, and great conversation. Oh, and the kiddos practiced some yoga with me! Mostly they just wanted to roll themselves up in the yoga mats like burritos ;)

This weekend I'll be checking out downtown Dallas and also doing a couple yoga shoots. Oh, and of course having a big toast with my sister to celebrate as we enter our 30s with style! Honestly we're probably going to share a bottle of wine at a cool restaurant, head back to our cute little airBNB and then pass out at 10pm ;) Stay tuned!!

Hope you're having an awesome week.