My teaching is inspired by Dharma Yoga, Vinyasa flow in the style of Baron Baptiste, and Bhakti yoga.

I am grateful for all my teachers, and so blessed to be on this path.

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What students say about my class...

"Your class left me feeling peaceful and zen. I felt like you personalized the class to each person."

- La Vonne

"Your love & light shines very bright. When I took your class, there was a huge universal connection (on my part to you) and I wanted to express that to you.  The yoga community you are in now is very lucky to have you!"

- Brandon

"I have had many teachers and I put you on top of the list."

- Doug

"I love the chanting and your drumming. You are a natural at teaching yoga. I like the way your class is challenging yet also very relaxing and I always feel a great sense of peace at the end of class."

- Susan

"You bring peace and serenity to every class, and you make the time we spend on the mat an amazing experience. I instantly felt comfortable in your class, and was grateful for your calm and soothing voice throughout the practice. I felt encouraged. You have changed my life!"

- Rebekah

"You have a gift in allowing everyone in your class to feel proud and grounded."

- Jany


What studio owners say about working with me as a teacher...

"My experience of working with Rachel has been absolutely wonderful. She is a great communicator and I always trusted her to deliver a memorable and informative experience to anyone who walked in the door, whether they were taking class or just gathering information about the studio. Over time, her presence was felt and known. Rachel is a kind and impactful human being!"

- Julie Compton, studio manager at CorePower Yoga Roseville

"The blog name Alive in the Fire is perfect for you… You are so ALIVE and doing the work called life! I admire your openness and honesty about your yoga journey. You navigate the ups and down we all face within it, using wisdom that comes with a dedicated practice toguide your way. Dedicated. You live in an authentic way, and teach from that place,  sharing the joy that the practice has brought to you. You are warm and welcoming, unpretentious in your teaching style and students adore you for that."

- Casey Bird, studio owner of Bridge Yoga in Loomis


Workshops & Special Classes I’ve Taught

  • Vinyasa Basics

  • Yoga for Balance

  • Yoga, Chanting, and Reiki

  • Full Moon Yoga Flow

  • New Year’s Day Yoga Flow