Sun Basket Meal Delivery Giveaway

Photos by Sun Basket.

Happy Monday, loves! 

Today I'm excited to announce a giveaway from the team at Sun Basket, which is an awesome meal service I tried recently. Sun Basket makes healthy cooking super easy: they deliver a box to your doorstep which contains all the fresh ingredients for three meals.

You can customize your order based on whether you want gluten-free, vegetarian or paleo recipes, and they even offer free shipping so you can return the box free for recycling.

Want to try Sun Basket? Enter their incredible giveaway below! You can win 3 meals for 2, worth $68.94. Yum! 

Also, simply by entering, you'll receive a custom link for $30 off your first purchase with Sun Basket.

A winner will be chosen at the end of this week.

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JadeBloom Essential Oils Giveaway

Photos via JadeBloom and Pinterest.

Aromatherapy is a powerful and simple way to bring healing to your body, mind and spirit. Scents lift our mood, and stimulate certain processes in the body.

Today Jade Bloom is generously offering a giveaway to one lucky Alive in the Fire reader. The winner will receive the 4 most popular JadeBloom oils: Kashmir Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and RELIEF respiratory blend.

To enter, please visit the JadeBloom website and leave a comment below listing your favorite item. For an extra entry, you can post a link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter (be sure to mention it in your comment below!).

JadeBloom is my go-to brand for high-quality, reasonably-priced essential oils. They have a variety of essential oils, including floral oils, citrus oils and blends targeted at certain outcomes, like offering stress relief or an immunity boost.

Essential oils have a lot of uses, including pain relief, natural beauty, hair health, and natural disinfectant.  And of course they're used with massage therapy, Reiki healing, and for relaxing at-home baths! :)

Lately I've been enjoying scents like lavender, vanilla, lemon and eucalyptus.

What are your favorite scents? Have you ever tried essential oils?

Be sure to leave a comment below to be entered to win 4 lovely JadeBloom oils, and share this post with friends, family and fellow yogis. Namaste.

Weekend Announcements + Giveaway Winners!

Photo by Jobi Otso.

Happy Friday, lovely yogis! I have some exciting things going on around here at Alive in the Fire... first off, I'd like to announce the winners from the Black Friday week giveaways! :)

Congrats to Beth, the winner of the yoga and meditation apps, Jose, the winner of the yoga book, and Caro, the winner of the Yoga Download subscription. Please email me at aliveinthefire at gmail dot com to claim your lovely prizes!

I'm also excited to present the launch of my new blog design. I collaborated with the talented Rebecca Hawkes on the gorgeous watercolor-style header and absolutely love her work! I highly recommend her if you're in need of any graphic design :)

I'd love to hear your feedback, and as always, thank you so much for following along.

Finally, I'd like to invite you to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about Sponsored Yogis 2015! I'll be accepting applications starting later this month, and I hope you'll check out the program.

Have a kick-ass weekend, and much love to you :)

PS If you missed it, the 2014 Yogi Holiday Gift Guide has some cool ideas for Christmas gifts.

Alive in the Fire’s 2014 Yogi Holiday Gift Guide

Photo via Pinterest.

Welcome to the 2014 Yogi Holiday Gift Guide! This year’s list features some of my favorite yoga wear, books, and other goodies. Enjoy...

The Zen Habits Book by Leo Babauta
Leo’s blog is an ongoing source of inspiration for me. He writes in a beautiful, effortless way, and his book is sure to be full of motivation and encouragement. As he says, “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.” For more info, you can check out my post about the book project, too.


Workout Gear from YMX
YMX makes high-performance clothing with badass style, perfect for wearing during yoga class, a mountain bike ride, a ski or snowboard run, or even as a layer in your everyday outfit. I’m lucky to be one of their newest ambassadors for the brand.

Scents by The Goddess Line
The Goddess Line fragrances are so lovely! In their shop, you can find roll-on oils, candles, lip balm, soap, lotion and yoga mat wash, and more. My favorites are Parvati and Lakshmi.

Custom Yoga Wear from Couture Tee
Tristan’s incredible, custom-made yoga pants are the most comfortable yoga wear I own. Every time I wear my tie-dyed pair to the studio, I get compliments about their fun, funky design! I love that this brand fuses stylish cuts with incredible cultural art. The pants are made of organic, sustainable cotton, spandex and Lycra blends, and every pair is hand made in the US.

The Yoga Shred app by Sadie Nardini
I can’t wait to try this unique mix of yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. After a while practicing similar yoga routines, I sometimes get bored and uninspired. Sadie’s rockstar personality, energetic approach, and incredible knowledge of asana and the body will make this program a lot of fun—and super effective, I bet! I’ll be starting the 2-week program with a friend later this month. Stay tuned for more posts about it! And you can read more about Sadie here.

Yogi Surprise Subscription Box
A gift box subscription unlike any other… like a little retreat delivered to your doorstep! Yogi Surprise features artisan sellers with healthy foods, organic body products, and relaxing treats so you can pamper yourself. Plus, their website features giveaways for yoga retreats around the world every month! The box would be an awesome gift to a friend, or even to yourself. Read my review of the first box here.

A refreshing, energizing drink made with Hawaiian noni, acai, goji and passion fruit juices. Great for before or after yoga class!

KIND Granola Bars

Kind bars are so delicious, satisfying, and healthy. I consider them the perfect pre- or post-yoga snack! Bonus: their motto is ‘ingredients you can see and pronounce,’ so you know the bars are good for you. The yogurt ones are my fave.

Photo via Pinterest.

Namaste, lovely ones! Feel free to share your gift ideas in the comments below (and you're always welcome to shoot me an email if you'd like to be featured in a post like this!).

PS If you need more ideas, check out last year’s holiday gift guide! Here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3.

PPS If you’re looking for non-traditional gift ideas, the Zen Habits gift list is awesome.

Note: all photos in this post via websites linked above the photo.

Photo via Pinterest.

Happy Weekend!

I hope you're enjoying a relaxing, peaceful weekend!

What have you been up to?

I also wanted to post a quick reminder about the three Black Friday giveaways I have going on right now... they will be open for a few more days! I'm going to choose winners on Thursday this week.

If you haven't left comments yet, please check them out and enter to win!

My favorite yoga book of 2014.

A 3-month subscription to Yoga Download, an online library of yoga and meditation videos.

And a download of 2 amazing yoga and meditation apps for iPhone.

Also, stay tuned for some awesome updates coming soon... a gorgeous new design for Alive in the Fire, and a Yogi Holiday Gift Guide post!
Much love to you and yours :)

Black Friday Giveaway: Meditation and Yoga Apps (for iPhone users)

Photo via Pinterest.

Most of the time, technology separates us from our meditation and yoga practice...we get distracted by our phones and computers and they eat up our time and add to our stress.

But not in this case! For today's Black Friday giveaway, I'm offering one lucky reader the chance to download two amazing yoga and meditation apps: Yogalosophy and Anamaya Meditation. Both are wonderful resources on the practices of yoga and meditation, and they offer simple, approachable ways to deepen your practice.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a download of both Yogalosophy and Anamaya for iPhone. Please note that there are no Android versions of these apps yet... bummer, I know! I'm in touch with the developers and will make an announcement when the droid versions get released; for now, only iPhone users need apply to win the giveaway. Read below for details on each app. Photos and descriptions below via the iTunes store.

To enter, please leave a comment below about your current yoga or meditation practice, and why you're hoping to use the apps.

Good luck, and namaste!

Anamaya Meditation AppOver 300 guided meditations, each with a mindfulness or visualization exercise. Plus, learning resources covering the science and psychology of meditation. The course covers 11 meditation focus areas, including worry, anxiety, stress, pain, sports, pregnancy, concentration, and more. 

Each meditation track is lead by Anamaya Clinic co-founder Graham Doke. He has studied meditation techniques for over 15 years and uses tailored led-meditation with his clients to access their inner peace and help them with their unwanted behaviors and emotions. 

In Yogalosophy®, Mandy Ingber—one of the most sought-after fitness and wellness advisors in Los Angeles—offers up a unique 28-day plan to help you achieve a healthier body and happier mind. Building on the concepts in Ingber’s popular DVD, Yogalosophy® provides an accessible program of proven workouts and eating guidelines designed to tone and strengthen the entire body, inside and out.

In addition to recipes and detailed body-sculpting workouts (which combine yoga postures with a wide range of other effective exercises), Ingber offers up wise insights and thought-provoking anecdotes to encourage a healthier, more life-embracing mindset. Full of girlfriend-y wisdom, Yogalosophy® is a realistic, flexible, daily plan that will help you transform your mind, your body, and your life.

Photo via Pinterest.

PS If you're feeling a little too obsessed with your smartphone lately, check out my post on how to detach from your phone.

Yoga Book Giveaway

Photo via Pinterest.
Do you like to read? Calling all bookworm yogis! :)

Today I’m featuring a giveaway of my favorite yoga book of 2014, Going Om: Real Life Yoga Stories on and Off the Yoga Mat. The book is a collection of beautifully-written, poignant accounts of the way yoga impacts us, whether we’re on the mat practicing asana, or navigating the surprises life throws our way.

The writing in these essays is effortless – sometimes witty and clever, sometimes heartbreaking. What I love about the book is the raw honesty that comes through, and the way that the book is as much about what it means to be human as it is about what it means to do yoga. I’d highly recommend it, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or someone who wants to learn more about yoga.

Photo via Pinterest.

To be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment below about why you’d love to check out the book. A winner will be chosen next week.

And if you missed it, there’s another giveaway for a 3-month subscription to Yoga Download going on as well!

Black Friday Week Giveaways! (Yoga Download Subscription)

Photo via Pinterest.

This week, in anticipation of my 2014 yogi holiday gift guide post, I am hosting some awesome giveaways!

First up, I’m featuring Yoga Download, a great online resource for classes, meditation and music.

If you’d like to win a 3-month premier subscription, please visit Yoga Download and then leave a comment below with which class you’d be interested in taking.

Photo via Pinterest.

Yoga Download offers a huge variety of classes featuring incredible teachers. You can download or stream the videos directly to your mobile phone, iPod, mp3 player or laptop. There are over 500 classes to choose from, with lengths ranging from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on what fits your schedule.

One lucky reader will win a 3-month subscription to Yoga Download – I’ll choose next week, so be sure to enter your comment below!

Photo via Pinterest. 

Namaste, yogis.

PS Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway copy of one of my favorite yoga books from this year, Going Om!

Yogi Surprise Launched (and You Can Win a Retreat to Costa Rica!)

Photos via Yogi Surprise.

A little while ago I posted about Yogi Surprise, my favorite new resource for yoga goodies. The company has now officially launched! I can’t wait to try out their monthly care package designed for yogis - like a retreat in box. 

Yogi Surprise is offering 20% off for the first 500 members. Go here: and use the code “VIBRANT.” 

It’s rare you find a company whose values are based around health, connection, and joy… and it’s even more rare you find one that is giving away YOGA RETREAT GIVEAWAYS! The first one is for Costa Rica… and I hope you all go sign up :)


PS Yogi Surprise also has an awesome blog with inspiration for living life to the fullest.

Gifts from the Heart: The Yogi Gift Guide

Do you need some gift ideas for what to get your yoga-loving friends and family for the holidays?

For the next ten days, I'll be featuring some of my favorite shops where you can find high-quality handmade, eco-conscious, and super practical products.

Photo via Pinterest.

Stay tuned for plenty of ideas :) Yoga mats and spray to make sure yours doesn't stink after class... clothes to help you feel comfortable and empowered... snacks to keep you energized...

Books on yoga and spirituality that will awaken your consciousness...

Artisan mala beads to add a little beauty to your everyday wardrobe... yoga gifts for dudes... and much, much more!

Photo via Pinterest.

Cheers and happy shopping, yogis!

Square 36 Yoga Mat Giveaway

Are you a yoga teacher that does one-on-one sessions with clients in their homes? Or do you enjoy practicing partner yoga regularly with a friend or spouse?

Today I'm featuring a yoga mat giveaway that you'll love. Check out Square 36, an oversized yoga mat that's 6 feet x 6 feet!

In case you missed it, a while back I reviewed the Square 36 mat and gave it high remarks all around. The mat is comfortable, strong, durable and made with high-quality, non-toxic materials. I highly recommend it and love using mine.

You can use the mat to transform a room into an instant high-quality workout area, whether you're practicing yoga, dancing, doing calisthenics, lifting weights, or doing other at-home workouts.

To enter, please visit and leave a comment below detailing why you'd love to win one. And, if you'd like to order a mat of your own, you can get free shipping by entering the code "Aliveinthefire" at checkout (a $24.95 value).


Hula Hoop Giveaway

Photo via Pinterest.

Have you ever hula hooped?

It's great fun! I love hooping for many reasons:
  • it's a great workout and helps build stamina (my arms have become infinitely stronger)
  • hooping lets you experience your inner child 
  • hooping a great way to meet new friends (everybody loves trying out the hoop!)
  • and it's a great complementary meditation to any yoga practice 
In the effort to share some hooping love, Jessica of TreeHuggerHoops on etsy is offering one lucky reader of Alive in the Fire the chance to win a custom collapsible hoop. 

To win, please check out Jessica's shop and leave a comment below with what color hoop you'd choose. For an extra entry, like TreeHuggerHoops on Facebook and leave a comment on the page.

PS In case you missed it, I hooped fire not too long ago.

Feel Beautiful (An All-Natural Giveaway)

 Photos by me and Cara Brostrom.

Do you get overwhelmed by our culture of magazines and celebrities and constant repetition of the question, "Am I beautiful?"

Me too.

That's why I'm bringing you a giveaway that features only natural beauty... starring: YOU! I believe you are gorgeous just the way you are. 

Yoga brings out your best features: your glowing smile, your sexy curves (whether they're muscular or not), and your calm and peaceful state of mind.

Here's what you'll win:
  • YogaEarth superfood snacks.
  • Workout wear that makes you feel like a rockstar.
  • A custom note from me. :)
  • A personalized plan for yoga workouts and a week-long meal plan that will skyrocket your health and leave you glowing.
  • The chance to share your reflections on Alive in the Fire, if you'd like!
Here's how to enter:
  • Answer this question in a comment below: What is beautiful in my life right now?
  • Check out YogaEarth and share this link with one friend on Facebook who you think could benefit from trying some new healthy snacks: (Note: if you place an order, you'll get an extra entry into the giveaway, too!)
  • For an additional entry, Tweet about the giveaway and mention @aliveinthefire and @yogaearth in your post.
Good luck and namaste, beautiful ones!

Gaiam TV Giveaway (3-Month Subscription for Yoga Videos)

All photos via Gaiam TV.

At Gaiam TV, they believe that one video can make your day. So that's why they offer hundreds of streaming videos on demand to make sure all your days are great. Pretty awesome, right? :) 

I posted yesterday about my awesome experience so far with Gaiam TV and their wide selection of yoga videos, health videos, inspirational films and more. Today I'm excited to announce Gaiam TV has agreed to give one lucky Alive in the Fire reader a 3-month subscription!

To enter, leave a comment below with which video from Gaiam TV you'd try first. Click any of the covers above for ideas on what to watch.

For an extra entry, "like" Gaiam TV on Facebook and leave another comment here saying that you've added them. Open til Friday 12/23.

Black Friday Art Giveaway (Closed)

Photos via Beth Morey of Epiphany Art Studio.

Are you shopping today, yogis? Or taking it easy and avoiding the Black Friday madness like me? :)

If you're looking for a unique, beautiful art piece to give as a gift, you should enter today's giveaway featuring handmade art by Beth Morey of Epiphany Art Studio. She has graciously offered to include a "Be You" print and a gorgeous Merry Christmas Mary card for one lucky reader.

You can also get a discount on any order in Beth's shop by entering the coupon code ALIVEINTHEFIRE at checkout.

Photos via Beth Morey of Epiphany Art Studio.

To win, please visit Beth's shop on Etsy and leave a comment with your favorite item from her store. If you'd like extra entries, you can:
  • Add Epiphany Art Studio on Facebook
  • Tweet about this giveaway, and be sure to mention @aliveinthefire and @betherann
  • Leave a comment on Beth's blog, Epiphany Art Studio
Be sure to leave extra comments here for each entry you complete.

PS Looking to shop for some new yoga wear or yoga gear? I couldn't help but glance at a few sales online today. Here are the spots I recommend checking out:
  • Iluka Activewear 
  • Onzie Yoga Wear
  • Hugger Mugger's having an open house where you can provide feedback and get 15% off your order.
  • YogaEarth - their Keen-Wah Decadence dark chocolate bar sampler would be a great stocking stuffer, or treat to buy for you and a girlfriend if you're going out shopping for the day.

An Energy Muse Jewelry Giveaway from Hearts Expanding

Photos via Hearts Expanding.

Hearts Expanding is one of my favorite yoga blogs. April teaches vinyasa flow and keeps up a beautiful Anusara practice.

She's currently offering a lovely bracelet giveaway with the compassion bracelet by Energy Muse. Don't you think it would make a fun gift for your sister or yoga friend, or even a little reminder to yourself to live compassionately?

Go visit April's blog and enter! Namaste.