Thursday, March 26, 2015


Friends, yogis… I have an exciting update!

I’ve taken back my maiden name :) So if you contact me you’ll see that I’m now Rachel Koontz. Don’t worry – it’s me!

I couldn’t be more excited. Change is an important process and days like today remind me how important it is to stay true to myself, and to remember my roots.

I’m feeling really, really grateful for all the loving support in my life. So many people have already said congratulations and I appreciate that so much! I remember when I first started thinking about taking this step, I was nervous and fearful—so worried about what other people would think. Turns out I was making a big deal for nothing. I’ve been hearing from friends old and new, family, and lots of yogis who are happy for me. Thank you all so much – it means the world to me.

Always remember, you are your own best teacher! Namaste and much love.

PS Eventually I’m hoping to do a longer post reflecting on relationships, change and growth… but for today, my mantra is simply to embrace change as it comes along. Some things take longer than expected, and that’s OK. The only thing constant is change. Embrace life and go with the flow! Oh, and my email (aliveinthefire at gmail dot com) has not changed. Always feel free to drop me a line! XO


Photo via Pinterest.
It’s hardly ever going to be perfect.

The question is, what do you choose to do with the imperfection?

Can you see it as beautiful?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kombucha, Lemon Water and Apple Cider Vinegar (Alkaline Foods)

Photos via Pinterest.
Have you ever tried drinking kombucha, lemon water, or apple cider vinegar mixed with water?

All three of these are a great way to add some acidity to your body. Especially if you eat red meat, high-sugar foods and dairy and if you drink alcohol and coffee, you want to be sure to balance your pH by adding more alkaline foods (leafy greens do this, too!).

Lately I’ve been squeezing half a lemon into my water, either first thing in the morning or in the afternoon before lunch.

I notice a big difference! My digestion seems to be quicker, and I’m more motivated to hydrate (iced lemon water is really refreshing, especially on these warmer spring days).

A daily habit of kombucha, lemon water, and/or a little apple cider vinegar does awesome things for your body!
  • aid digestion
  • detox the body
  • improve skin
  • boost immunity
  • help promote a healthy weight

What other ways do you add alkaline foods to your diet?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I see it in your eyes… you could use a hug.

Come over here for a moment.

Let go of whatever it is you’re holding onto, just for a little while.

It will all be OK.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Dharma Yoga Wheel

Have you heard of the Dharma Yoga Wheel? This unique, handcrafted prop was invented by the team over at Dharma Yoga in New York City. 

The wheel is used to open the entire back and shoulders, align  the spine, relax muscles, expand the chest, and stretch the hip flexors and quadriceps.

What I love most about the wheel is that it encourages playfulness. You lay down on it and start playing around, and begin to realize that the possibilities are endless!

You can use the wheel as a tool for relaxing deeper in backbends, increasing mobility in the spine, stabilizing during a balancing pose... truly there are so many applications, and it's awesome that there is no 'right' way; it's more about exploring and seeing what works for you. (How yogic is that?!)

I have always been so inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra and his teachings. When I met him at Wanderlust a few years ago, it was humbling and grounding simply to be in his presence and hear his voice while taking a class. 

It's no surprise that the Dharma yogis would contribute such a beautiful and useful tool to the yoga community :)

I highly recommend investing in a Dharma Yoga Wheel. It will further your practice in ways you never expected!

For more info about the wheel, visit Dharma Yoga Wheel, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or watch this video about how to use the wheel.

Happy wheelin', yogis!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yoga Girl

We are all in charge of our own happiness.

Life does not happen to us, it happens for us!

By believing in the good of the universe and trusting in life's ability to take us where we need to go, we can create any type of living that we want.

Opportunities are all around us-- we just have to believe in them to see them.

Photo via Rachel Brathen on Instagram.

These words are excerpted from Yoga Girl, by Rachel Brathen.

This is hands down my favorite yoga book of 2015. Rachel is the incredibly inspiring yogini behind #yogaeverydamnday, and she is the same age as I am, and shares my first name. Of course I am beyond words inspired and encouraged by her teaching!

I highly recommend you check out a copy of her book, follow her on Instagram and watch her online yoga videos. Namaste.


Yogini readers, I'm curious...

Where do you shop for lingerie?


I recently discovered ThirdLove, and it's my new favorite brand. Their bras and panties are sexy, comfortable and affordable... plus, I love that the brand was created by women hoping to make the dreaded bra shopping experience more bearable :) They offer lacy, luxurious pieces that aren't wildly awesome.

Bra by ThirdLove.

The team at ThirdLove was kind enough to gift me a bra and panties set... I love them! The lacy designs are so pretty, and I'm impressed by how comfortably they both fit (I wear the bra all the time!). Plus, their website is super easy to use and the order was processed quickly and arrived in a gorgeous little box with tissue paper wrapping. I felt so fancy and pampered when I opened it :)

If you're looking to mix up your usual bra-and-panties routine, I highly recommend checking out ThirdLove. (And guys, if you're reading this: get your girl a gift card for her birthday, or just because! You wont' regret it.) The ThirdLove style is elegant and  comfortable enough to wear every day, with a little extra sultry flair. (Plus, they have a 100% fit guarantee and they do free shipping for any order over $39, so it's a seriously great deal!)

PS In case you were curious, I chose the Equalizer Lace Plunge bra and lace thong.

For more reading... reflections on what is really sexy, and how your yoga practice can improve your sex life. Ooh, la, la! 


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