3-Day Yoga Reset

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Alive in the Fire_3 Day reset.png

3-Day Yoga Reset

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Three powerful days to help you find center.

This program features one-on-one connection, yoga, healthy eating, journaling, community, and accountability.

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What’s included in the 3-Day Reset program:

  • A 30-minute call or in-person meeting to discuss your goals and set an intention

  • Daily yoga routine options: simple sequences for morning, midday and evening so you can choose which works best for your schedule

  • Guidance and support for incorporating healthy changes into your diet and nutrition, and a plan for how to stick with them

  • Access to a unique Facebook group community of compassionate yogis who want to support your wellness goals

  • Accountability and one-on-one feedback and support

  • Journal prompts for each day

This program is $39 for 3 days.

Transform your life.

You’re ready.

And even if you don’t feel ready, now is the time.

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