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Sometimes, we get stuck.

Physically, emotionally, energetically.

We become disconnected from our purpose.

We experience high stress, anxiety, depression, hardship and loss.

We want to heal, but don’t know how.

Reiki can help.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced 'ray-key') is a simple, powerful and effective healing technique. It is used for relaxation, stress reduction, body awareness, clearing of blockages in the energetic body, and emotional release. By channeling energy through the palms of my hands, I will activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being. A basic treatment offers you an hour of calm, relaxing presence (lying comfortably on a massage table while I place my hands above or lightly on you).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect during a session?

We’ll talk for a few minutes so I can check in about what’s going on for you, and any areas you want to focus on, physical or emotional. During the session, you lay fully clothed on a massage table and relax. I will place my hands just above you or with a light touch and will channel energy. Treatments can be done in proximity or at a distance.

During the Reiki treatment session, I will have you lay down on the massage table and I will place my hands over you, or lightly touch you. Reiki energy will pass through my hands in order to heal any area of you that needs healing. In addition to this light touch, I incorporate sound vibration, aromatherapy, and crystal healing in order to increase the efficacy of the session. Reiki is an intuitive process, and sometimes it involves conversation where I may share insight that comes to me, or you may speak about what you’re experiencing. You may feel various emotions during the work; ranging from sadness to fear to elation. Each Reiki treatment is unique and provides powerful results. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed, with insights you may not have expected!

who should receive reiki?

Reiki is great for anyone! Reiki benefits all of us. If you are going through a period of change or transition, it can help you regain a sense of calm, grounding, and confidence. If you are suffering from a physical ailment, it will reduce pain and inflammation, clear any blockages in your energetic body, and free your mind from negative thoughts that may be influencing your health. If you are unsure of your life’s direction, Reiki is a wonderful tool for finding relaxation and peace, and for allowing the space to invite questions and listen to your inner wisdom.

What does reiki help with?

Reiki is powerful and gentle. It aids healing for any known illness or injury, including serious disease such as cancer, MS, heart disease and Lupus. It can also help with fatigue, bruising, skin problems, cuts or bruises, headaches, colds, flu, insomnia, urinary problems, sexual dysfunction, poor memory and lack of confidence. Reiki is also an incredible tool for emotional healing, helping you process feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, grief, guilt, shame and heartache. It is recommended for those who have experienced trauma, loss, or changes in life. It also supports periods of personal growth and spiritual growth to help you connect with your inner guidance.

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Here’s what clients are saying about their experience of Reiki energy healing.

Like a weight has been lifted.
— Sarah
I feel so much more functional and clear-headed. Thank you. Truly this is a gift.
— Michael
Rachel is very in tune with energy and is amazing at interpreting what it all means. She is also wonderful at helping you understand why your body and mind feel certain things. She has such a calm and gentle presence that puts anyone at ease. If you’ve never tried Reiki before, she will make you completely comfortable for this new experience.
— Chevelle
When I receive Reiki from Rachel, I feel an incredible amount of peace wash over me. Not only that, but my physical pain is healed many times. I’m 31 weeks pregnant currently and often when she gives Reiki to my baby boy my back pain or abdominal pressure I’ve had is much better afterwards (and sometimes totally gone)! There even have been days I was extremely tired and all of a sudden during the day I get burst of energy...not knowing why, only later to find out that day Rachel had sent me Reiki. Amazing! I highly recommend a session with her because she has an amazing gift.
— Laura
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